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Gnaeus Julius Agricola (AD 40 – 93) was a Roman general responsible for much of the Roman conquest of Britain.

Cornelius Tacitus, [Works]. Vol. I

In AD 79 he sent a fleet to survey Scotland’s coast and slowly advanced through the country. By AD 83 confrontation with the Caledonian tribes was inevitable. At the Battle of Mons Graupius an estimated 10,000 Caledonians and some 360 Romans were killed. Tacitus, historian and son-in-law to Agricola, gives these figures, to which we are reliant on during this early period of Scottish history. Agricola was recalled from Britain in 85, and did not capitalize on the developments after the victory. This is a later Glasgow printing of Tacitus’s works.

Cornelius Tacitus, [Works]. Vol. I. Glasgow: Roberti Urie & Soc. Et al. 1743.