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While the English poet Robert Graves rejected a copper engraving drawn by JBW for the dust jacket of Homer's Daughter, the Folio Society was far more supportive. They undertook to publish F.L. Lucas's abridged version in translation of Homer's Odyssey with sixteen illustrations by JBW. The first copper engraving was begun in October 1945; the last completed October 1946. They are work of outstanding merit.

Homer, The Odyssey. Translated by F.L. Lucas. London: Folio Society, 1948. Special PA 4025 A75 LX43.

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This 1948 Folio Society edition of Shelley's Poems was a companion volume to Brooke's Poems (see cabinet 12). This volume, however, differs slightly by having thirty-five wood-engraved vignettes dotted throughout the text. Creating these small visual scenes demands both skill and attention to detail; attributes clearly held by JBW. Here is his vignette to Shelley's poem Adonais.

P.B. Shelley, Poems. London: Folio Society, 1949. Special PR 5402 1949.


The nine copper engravings in The Iliad, a companion volume to the Odyssey (1948), were reproduced using collotype by Chiswick Press. Although capable of the finest results, collotype (a planographic, photo-mechanical, non-screen printing process) is slow and costly, depending on the printer's skill more than any other process.

Homer, The Iliad. Translated by F. L. Lucas. London: Folio Society, 1950. Special PA 4025 A2 LX43.

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