Cabinet 09 - Aquatic

Jardine NL Leach Although there is controversy over the number of kingdoms, and the place of viruses within, the taxonomic hierarchy stands as this, using the example of the Great White Shark: Kingdom (Animalia); Phylum (Chordata); Sub-Phylum (Vertebrata); Class (Chondrichthyes); Order (Lamniformes); Family (Lamnidae); Genus (Carcharodon); and Species (carcharias). Thus the scientific name for the Great White Shark is Carcharodon carcharias. A mnemonic (barring the Sub-Phylum) is a useful way to remember the order: Kim Puts Candy Out For Good Students. Of course further divisions within occur. On display is a colourful rock lobster or sea crayfish (Palinurus vulgaris) from Leach's work, and a colourful plate of the Mesoprion chrysurus (ray-finned class) from Jardine's work on perches.

William Elford Leach, Malacostraca Podophthalmata Britanniae. London: Printed by B. Meredith, 1815. Leith Oversize 9GQC L; Sir William Jardine, 'The Natural History of Fishes of the Perch Family.' Vol. I. The Naturalist's Library. Edinburgh: W.H. Lizars, and Stirling and Kenney, [and others], 1835. DeB Sb 1833 N I1

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