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Cabinet 11: Good-bye to All That

But It Still Goes On: An Accumulation.

Robert Graves, But It Still Goes On: An Accumulation. London: Jonathan Cape, 1930.

In 1930, Graves’s But It Still Goes On appeared. This work contained journal scraps, thoughts on the reception of Good-bye to All That, a synopsis of a historical romance that would later become I Claudius, coverage of homosexuality and lesbianism in a play that also caricatured his father (appearing as Cecil Tompion), and a veiled incident concerning his brother Charles.

Publication signalled a low-point in family relations; his father called the book ‘blasphemous’. Again Cape had to delete libellous passages and re-print cancel pages.

This second impression of the first edition has Frank Richards, a fellow Fusilier, writing to Graves about his war experience. Graves would later edit books by Richards.