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Cabinet 11: Good-bye to All That

To Return to All That: An Autobiography.

Alfred Perceval Graves, To Return to All That: An Autobiography. London: Jonathan Cape, 1930.

At 83, Alfred Perceval Graves had penned his own memoirs and was convinced by his son John to write a chapter on Robert as well as keep the original title: To Return to All That. Cape, the publishers, were thrilled, believing that this was a golden opportunity to capitalise on the success of Good-bye To All That.

After editing by other family members, Return was published in an edition of 2000 copies. It did well, with readers liking the stories, the reminiscences of the Pre-Raphaelites, and the history of secondary education in England.

Robert – charged within as not being ‘a good Graves’ – was not amused. When his father died in 1931, Graves sent no condolences.