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Cabinet 4: Sports

Ray Slattery, Wild Water.

Ray Slattery, Wild Water. London ; Melbourne: Horwitz, 1966. Pulp Literature Special Collections PR9611.S627 W54

According to Lyall Moore, a director of Horwitz in the late-1990s, the firm published 16 titles per month during the height of their popularity as pulp publishers. Each title had a print run of 20,000 copies, and they were sold Australia-wide in newsstands and bookshops. Ray Slattery was another in the Horwitz stable and he too had numerous pseudonyms: Roger Hunt, Karen Miller, Frank O’Hara, John Slater, Terry West, James Bent and Frank F Gunn. His Wild Water, part of Horwitz’s ‘Surfari Highway’ series, has the catchy blurb: ‘Ever tried night surfing at Surfers with a curvy Italian bird?’

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