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Cabinet 4: Sports

Donald Hann, The Love Game.

Donald Hann, The Love Game. London ; Melbourne: Horwitz, 1964. Pulp Literature Special Collections PR9610.H26 L68

Publications like Horwitz pocket-sized books were usually about 130 pages long. Often, though not always, the covers had no real relationship to the contents. Indeed, once a formula was established, or a plot worked and good sales were recognised, pulp writers put a creative twist on the story by changing a few basics like names or locations and pumped the next title out. Ken Macaulay as Donald Hann was no exception.

In 1964, he wrote The Love Game, using the game of tennis as a backdrop to professional scandals, sex, dalliance and intrigue. Macaulay had 17 non-de-plumes, of which two others were Paul Lesley and Ray Vance.

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