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This page includes past participants and the products of their handiwork.

Previous Printers/Illustrators in Residence




Caren Florance

caren florance

Tara McLeod

tara mcleod

Alan Loney

"slowly without sound the wheel turns

blind man saying he had seen everything he wanted to see" (Ruth Dallas)

Olav Nielsen


"The tent in the image is the place where I first read the poem. At Christmas 2006, my partner gave me a journal in which she had written the poem 'Rain' on the first page. We spent most of the summer in that tent and it seemed to rain constantly. The rhythmic sound and feeling of the droplets on the skin of the tent makes for a light hypnotic sleep with a deep sense of sensual comfort."

olav nielsen

Inge Doesburg


This poem took my attention instantly because it aligns a number of themes that I tend to explore in my work. It developed into something quite different for me, however.  After letting the poem resonate for a while, it became an image of homecoming and overcoming of difficulties. This, to me, evokes a feeling of hope and belief in betterment. Instead of the turmoil of the flood, I chose the iconography of the moment between the drama and conclusion: the hovering sense of what is to come.

inge doesburg

Jenna Packer

Child coming home in the rain from the store

The final image is very different to what I had anticipated as underlying associations and meanings keep coming to the surface. The metal printing plate is well and truly scraped back in places where I have made changes half-way through the process, and have continually re-etched.

I kept returning to the poem, seeing things which must have been present there in between the words, but which I needed to work out visually before finding.

I would love to hear Hone Tuwhare read this poem aloud. I suspect that it is in a spoken poem, where the rhythm and alliteration give fullness to the words, that there is the strongest connection with a language of picture-making - the angles and tones and marks.

jenna packer

Simon Kaan

simon kaan

Marilynn Webb

I chose Haiku to print as text, as I always respond to Hone's land and water words about rivers, rain and creeks – I suppose his images are in tandem with my own lifetime pre-occupations about lakes, seas, rivers and skies.  Haiku takes me back to my childhood…I can remember the delights of floods, swollen creeks, home-made boats and days off school in winter…

I have been woodcutting text on custom wood for some years, and as it takes time to make a block, it's like acknowledging a bond of friendship with my friends who are writers and poets.

Haiku consists of 2 carved blocks with the green water printed twice. The text is a separate block overprinted on the green and outlined in pencil. This text is positioned exactly as Hone has published it, in his collection.

Mary McFarlane (left) and Kathryn Madill (right)

mary mcfarlane kathryn madill

Hunting of the Snark

Limited edition print of Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark. Printed by Tara McLeod and illustrated by David Elliot.

'Faces in the Water'

Brian Turner's Faces in the Water. Printed by Dr John Holmes, illustrations by John Mitchell. Images printed by Inge Doesburg.

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