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2002 Seminar Schedule

March 6

Andrew Moore

Intensive Care Research Ethics

March 13

Jonathan Dancy (Reading)

What do (contributory) reasons do?

March 20

Andrew Craig

The Christian's Fatal Dilemma

March 27

John Hale

Hobbes's Latin Verse Autobiography

March 29 - Apr 7


April 10

Charles Pigden (Otago)

Desiring to Desire: Russell, Lewis and G.E. Moore

April 17

Paul Studtmann (Canterbury

An Aristotelian Soul

April 24

Grant Gillett (Otago)

The recovery of times past - neurophilosophy and memory

May 1

Alan Musgrave

Scientific Realism and the Miracle Argument

May 8

Cheryl Misak (Toronto)


May 15

Alan Musgrave

Scientific Realism and the Miracle Argument, Part II


Fred Fastier

Sanctions against vice

May 29

Colin Cheyne

"Mathematical Platonism and the Conditional Fallacy

June 3 - July 12


June 5

Julia Annas


June 17

Ernest Sosa

Philosophical Skepticism: Its Historical Roosts and Contemporary Relevance.

July 24

Dissertation Conference

July 31

Dr John Morss

Who's afraid of the big bad Fish?

Aug 7

Bill Lycan

On a Defense of the Truth-Condition Theory of Meaning

Aug 14

Andrew Moore

Does Virtue Ethics Imply Contraditions?

Aug 21

Nicholas Smith (VUW)


Aug 26 - 30


Sept 4

Prof Grant Gillett & Doug McConnell

Wittgenstein and the problem of free will

Sept 11

David Ward

Philosophy for Children

Sept 18

Scott Williamson

A Defence of Psychological Egoism

Sept 25

Heather Dyke

Temporal Language: a window on temporal reality?

Oct 2

Weibe van der Hoek (Liverpool & Utrecht)

Issues in Epistemic Logic

October 9

Michael Devitt (CUNY Graduate Center)

Scientific Realism: The Metaphysical Issue


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