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Programme seminar series (2023)

Seminars take place on Wednesdays from 11am to 12.30pm in Mellor Lab 2.15 (second floor of the Science I, Mellor Lab, 700 Cumberland Street.  This venue was Burns 4, for Semester One).

(Note: in addition to the programme seminar series, there is a regular postgraduate seminar series.)

1 Mar Charles Pigden (Otago)
No-ought-from-is, Prior's Paradox, and Gillian Russell's Solution
6 Mar (Monday) Ewan Kingston (College of Charleston) Pass it on!  The channeling method in consumer ethics
8 Mar
15 Mar Thomas Douglas (Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford)
The scope of the right against mental interference
22 Mar Jussi Haukioja (NTNU, Norway) Thought Experiments and the Role of Arguments
29 Mar (no seminar: postgrad conference)

5 Apr Krushil Watene (2023 Taylor Fellow)
Indigenous Philosophies and Intergenerational Justice
12 Apr no seminar (mid-semester break)

19 Apr Isabella McAllister (UoAuckland, Otago) Rational Belief Revision About Logic
26 April Miranda Johnson (History, Otago)
Universities, Treaty Partnership, and Allohistories of the Nation
3 May Michael LeBuffe (Otago)
Laws of Nature in Spinoza's Ethics
10 May Greg Dawes (Otago)
Endoxa: An Aristotelian Approach to Traditional Knowledge
17 May Grant Gillett (Bioethics Centre, Otago)
ART, QBism, and neurophilosophy
24 May Zach Weber (Otago) Connexive Logic?
31 May Andrew Moore (Otago)
Is each of us a simple self? (postponed until semester two)
no seminar (winter break)
12 Jul Jan Mihal (Law, Otago)
(When) can we be wrong about what law is?
19 Jul Patrick Dawson (University College Dublin)
Connecting presentism with process philosophy
26 Jul Patrick Girard (Auckland)
Logic Doesn’t Oppress People, People Oppress People
2 Aug Trent Smith (Economics, Otago)
Endocrine state is the physical manifestation of subjective beliefs
9 Aug no speaker: postgraduate conference  
16 Aug Jack Warman (Victoria University of Wellington)
Epistemic Impartiality and Inquiry
23 Aug Fernando Cano-Jorge (Otago)
The interpretation problems of quantum theory from the perspective of non-classical logics
30 Aug no seminar (mid-semester break)
6 Sep Tim Mulgan (University of Auckland; University of St Andrews)
Teaching Global Philosophy of Religion through Anselm’s Modal Ontological Argument
13 Sep Neil Pickering (Bioethics, Otago)
Why we should be sceptical about internalism
20 Sep Christine Winter (Politics)
Sand as Subject
27 Sep Heather Dyke and James Maclaurin Science Supervenes on Metaphysics
4 Oct

11 Oct Alex Miller (Otago)

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