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Programme seminar series (2024)

Seminars take place on Wednesdays from 11am to 12.30pm in St David F.

(Note: in addition to the programme seminar series, there is a regular postgraduate seminar series.)

28 Feb Charles Pigden (PHIL, Otago)
Can Truth Subvert the Inference-Barriers? A Reply to Mark Nelson
6 Mar Fernando Cano-Jorge (PHIL, Otago)
Rethinking the computer
13 Mar Jan Mihal (Law, Otago)
Big Data, Free Riding, and Fair Play
20 Mar Drew Khlentzos (Macquarie)
Semantic Processing And Mental Logic
27 Mar no speaker: postgraduate conference
3 Apr mid-semester break
10 Apr Michael LeBuffe (PHIL, Otago)
The Principle of Sufficient Reason in Spinoza's Ethics
17 Apr Dennis C. Rasmussen (Syracuse)
The Infidel and the Professor: David Hume and Adam Smith
24 Apr Greg Dawes (PHIL, Otago)
Is Science Western?  Yes and No
1 May John Matthewson (Massey)
The line-drawing problem is your problem too
8 May Elizabeth Fenton (Bioethics, Otago)
Sufficiency, liberty, social equality: Justice and the future of publicly funded health care
15 May Malcolm Forster (Maidson-Wisconsin)
Probability, Causality, and the Dog Bite Example
22 May Zach Weber (PHIL, Otago)
“An embarrassment of riches”? On the one true (relevant) logic
29 May no seminar (PHIL Staff Meeting)

5 June no seminar (winter break)
17 Jul

24 Jul Lisa Ellis (PHIL, PPE, Otago)
31 Jul Joseph Burke (doctoral candidate PHIL, Otago)
7 Aug Chen Hai (Si-Mian Institute, East China Normal University)
14 Aug no speaker: postgraduate conference  
21 Aug

28 Aug

4 Sep no seminar (mid-semester break)
11 Sep Simon Walker (Bioethics, Otago)
18 Sep

25 Sep

2 Oct

9 Oct

16 Oct Alex Miler (Otago)

For archives of past seminars, click here.