General Staff

Anne-Cathrine Petersen (Project Manager)

R6C10 Richardson
Tel 3 479 XXXX

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9:15am to 2:15pm; Thursday 9:15-5:15

Anne Cathrine is a Project Manager working with Dr John Shaver on the project "The Evolutionary Dynamics of Religion, Family Size, and Child Success." This project is funded by the Templeton Foundation and investigates how religion affects fertility rates and child outcomes. This research involves the collection of demographic and social data from over 6,000 participants from five different societies and is in collaboration with an international team of evolutionary anthropologists and demographers.

Prior to joining the Religion Programme at UoO, Anne Cathrine was a Research Support Officer in the Social and Behavioural Research Unit in Preventive and Social Medicine at University of Otago.

Rhi Cooper (Client Services Administrator)

Humanities Divisional Office, Burns Building
Tel 3 479 8671

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm

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