Staff in the Religion Programme

Academic Staff

Radim Chvaja

Dr Radim Chvaja

Scientific Study of Religion

Gregory Dawes

Prof Gregory Dawes

Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Science

Deane Galbraith

Dr Deane Galbraith

Acting Head of Programme

Ancient Religion, Judaism and Christianity, Conspiracy Theory

Elizabeth Guthrie

Dr Elizabeth Guthrie

Buddhist Studies, Southeast Asian Religion, New Religious Movements

Woramat Malasart

Woramat Malasart

Teaching Fellow, Buddhist Studies

Benjamin Schonthal

Prof Benjamin Schonthal

Buddhist Studies, Asian Religions

John Shaver

Assoc Prof John Shaver

Anthropology of Religion

Will Sweetman

Prof Will Sweetman

Hinduism, Asian Religions

Joseph Watts

Dr Joseph Watts

Psychology of Religion, Evolutionary Science

Tom White

Dr Tom White

Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow

Administrative Staff


Alison Tait

Alison Tait

Client Services Administrator

Luke Biggs

Luke Biggs

Client Services Administrator

University of Otago Religious Studies Programme