Will SweetmanWill Sweetman

BA Hons (Lancaster) MPhil PhD (Cambridge)

Associate Professor, Asian Religions
Postgraduate Co-ordinator for Religion
Room: Richardson 4S7
Tel: 64 3 479 8793
Email: will.sweetman@otago.ac.nz

Will Sweetman studied Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theology at the Universities of Lancaster and Cambridge. He has taught at universities in London and Newcastle, and held research fellowships at the Universities of Cambridge, Halle and Hamburg. Will has published three books and several articles on historical and theoretical aspects of the study of Hinduism. He is founding editor of the journal Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception and a Fellow of the New Zealand India Research Institute. Will is Director for the XXII Quinquennial World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, which will meet at Otago in 2020. Will is an ordained Dudeist priest.


Most years, Will teaches the section on Hinduism in an introductory paper (RELS102). He also teaches papers directly connected with his research interests: religion in the south of India (RELS212/312), and interactions between Asian religions and the West (RELS310/462). His other teaching includes a paper on the culture of the body in Asian religions (RELS209/309), and another on World Christianity (RELS205/305). All of these papers are also offered by distance learning.

Papers taught in 2019

First semester
Introducing Asia
Second semester
The Body in Asian Religions
Hindu Texts: The Bhagavata Purana

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Map of South IndiaWill's research interests centre on interactions between the religions of Asia and the West in the modern period. His doctoral research examined accounts of Hinduism in English, Dutch, German and French writers from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The results of this research were published as Mapping Hinduism. He continues to work in this area and is currently engaged in a study of Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg's works on Hinduism, in particular the Genealogie der malabarischen Götter (1713). He has recently published an edition of Ziegenbalg's catalogue of his library of over one hundred Tamil Hindu manuscripts, including some that are not otherwise recorded. Many of his publications are available for download at academia.edu.

Postgraduate Supervision

Will welcomes inquiries from prospective Ph.D. candidates working on topics in the areas of Asian religions, historical and theoretical questions in the study of religion, inter-religious encounters in colonial contexts, and Christian mission in Africa and Asia.

Current Postgraduate Students

Imogen Standring (PhD, co-supervisor) 'Black Magic and Modernity: Witch Hunting in Modern India'

Phra Akbordin Rattana (PhD, co-supervisor) 'On the Two Bodies of the Buddha in the Supreme Patriarch Pussadeva (Sa)’s Paṭhamasambodhi'

Recent Completions

Masoumeh Rahmani (PhD 2017, primary supervisor) 'Drifting Through Samsara: Tacit Conversion and Disengagement in Goenka’s Vipassana Movement in New Zealand'

Linda Zampol D'Ortia (PhD 2017, primary supervisor) 'The Cape of the Devil: Salvation in the Japanese Jesuit Mission under Francisco Cabral (1570–1579)'

Helen Bradstock (PhD 2016, primary supervisor) '“Let’s Talk about Something Else”: Religion and Governmentality in New Zealand’s State Primary Schools'

Danilo Giambra (MA 2016, co-supervisor) 'Mediated Representations: Japanese New Religions and Social Media'

Imogen Standring (BA Hons 2016, primary supervisor) 'Bewitched Borders: Comparative Explorations in Modern Witchcraft'

Nicole Aaron (PhD 2015, co-supervisor) 'Let the “Dirty” Women Speak: The Agency and Divergent Aspirations of Devadasis and Development Interventions in Karnataka, India'

Phra Kiattisak (MA 2015, co-supervisor) 'Mission, Meditation and Miracles: An Shigao in Chinese Tradition'

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Selected publications

BooksCover of BM

(ed. with Aditya Malik) Hinduism in India: Modern and Contemporary Movements. New Delhi: Sage, 2016 [Details] [Preview] [Review]

Hinduism. 4 vols. Critical Concepts in Religious Studies. London: Routledge, 2014 [Details]

Bibliotheca Malabarica: Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg's Tamil Library. Paris/Pondicherry: EFEO/IFP, 2012 [Details] [Review] [Review]

(translator) Ute Hüsken, Visnu's Children. Prenatal life-cycle rituals in South India. (Ethno-Indology. Heidelberg Studies in South Asian Rituals 9). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2009 [Preview]

Mapping Hinduism: 'Hinduism' and the study of Indian religions. 1600-1776. Halle: Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle, 2003 [Download]

A Discovery of the Banian Religion and the Religion of the Persees: a critical edition of two early English works on Indian Religions. Lampeter: Edwin Mellen, 1999 [Preview]

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Articles and book chapters

‘The Absent Vedas,’ Journal of the American Oriental Society, 139/ 4 (2019)

‘Reading the Jesuits Reading Hinduism,’ in Robert Maryks, ed., Jesuit Historiography Online. Leiden: Brill, 2019

Will Sweetman and Ines G. Županov, ‘Rival Mission, Rival Science? Jesuits and Pietists in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century South India,’ Comparative Studies in Society and History, 61/3 (2019): 624–53

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'"Hinduism" and the history of "religion": Protestant presuppositions in the critique of the concept of Hinduism' Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 15/4 (2003): 329–353

'Unity and Plurality: Hinduism and the Religions of India in Early European Scholarship', Religion 31/3 (2001): 209–224

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