Te Wai Pounamu

Te Wai Pounamu, the South Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

MS-0402 Names of the hapu of the Kai Tahu tribe. 1848. Walter Baldock Durant Mantell.

W. B. D. Mantell, Names of the hapu of the Kai Tahu tribe, 1848. MS 0402, Hocken Library.

In 1848 Walter Baldock Durrant Mantell was appointed to the office of commissioner for extinguishing native titles in the South Island. Mantell used this collection of cardboard labels to represent the inter-relationships of the hapu of the Otago region in 1848. The names of hapu were recorded and tied together in groups representative of inter-hapu relationships. In preserving these hapu names Mantell has also captured the distinct pronunciation of the Southern Maori dialect by recording the names phonetically, as he would have heard them.

Sketch of the rural district of New Edinburgh drawn by Fedrick Tuckett, 1844. HmapHm 880/1844/a, Hocken Library.

Fredrick Tuckett was appointed by the New Zealand Company as principal surveyor and charged with the responsibility of finding a site for the projected 'New Edinburgh' in the South Island. Tuckett drew this sketch in 1844, which shows Tokata in the South to Otakou in the North as the new 'rural district of New Edinburgh'.

Copy of Rakiraki's sketch of the great lagoons near the source off the Matou River, 1844. Enlarged from J.W.Barnicoats Journal. HM 882, 1844, Hocken Library.

This is an enlarged reproduction of Rakiraki's sketch, originally drawn in J.W. Barnicoats' journal 1843-1844. Rakiraki was of Waitaha, Kati Mamoe and Kai Tahu descent. Little has been recorded of him. He was more than likely employed as a 'Native Guide' to assist Barnicoat and Tuckett with their land surveys of the South Island. This sketch depicts the source of the Matou River as Lakes Wakatipu, Awia [Hawea] and Wanuk [Wanaka].

J.W. Barnicoat, Journals & diary, 17 June 1843 - 11 October 1844. Misc-MS-1451/3, Hocken Library.

John Wallis Barnicoat (1814-1905) was employed by the New Zealand Company as a surveyor in the Nelson region. In 1844 Barnicoat, together with Fredrick Tuckett surveyed the east coast of the South Island as far as Stewart Island to find a suitable site for the 'New Edinburgh settlement'. This journal is a remarkable record of his travels in the South Island and contains a number of sketches. This is one of Waikouaiti Bay.