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Le Corbusier image

In 1911, as a young man, Le Corbusier traveled through eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. He drew, wrote and, over the decades following, published his perceptions and recounted the inspiration that he felt at the Acropolis and at Mt Athos. In his book Creation is a patient search (1960) he wrote,

"The columns of the North facade of the architrave of the Parthenon were still lying on the ground. Touching them with his fingers, caressing them, he grasps the proportions of the design. Amazement: reality has nothing in common with books of instruction. Here everything was a shout of inspiration, a dance in the sunlight ... and a final and supreme warning: do not believe until you have seen and measured ... and touched with your own fingers."
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Le Corbusier

Pictural survey of the present state of most of Le Corbusier's work





Le Corbusier.Vers une architecture. 8th ed. Cres, [1925?]

Le Corbusier.
Vers une architecture. 8th ed. Cres, [1925?]
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