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Diocletian's Palace

In 1754 Robert Adam left Scotland for France and Italy on a Grand Tour. In Italy he met the French architect, Charles Louis Clérisseau, and the Italian, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, who would both have a significant influence upon him and his later work. While abroad, Adam resolved to move to London and set about producing a volume for publication upon his return. The ruins of the palace at Spalatro (now known as Split, on the Dalmatian coast) were easily accessible from Italy but had not been satisfactorily documented. Over a period of five weeks Adam sketched and supervised the documentation of the ruins. He was accompanied by Clérisseau, who produced perspectives, and two German draftsmen who undertook the measured drawings. Most of the published drawings are believed to be the work of Clérisseau.
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Reconstruction of Diocletian's Palace at Split

Roman Baths

Charles Cameron's study of the baths of Rome relies heavily upon Lord Burlington's earlier publication Fabbriche Antiche (1730) which contained engravings of Palladio drawings. Isaac Ware, the architect under whom Cameron trained, planned but did not complete a ‘corrected' edition. Cameron supplemented these works with details of excavations and measurements made in situ while he was in Italy. His commentary is in French and English.

In the 18th century young architects could quickly establish a public profile through exhibition and publication. This volume was produced by Charles Cameron after spending three years in Rome. It is unclear how he was he able to fund such a lavish production. On the strength of this publication, Catherine the Great summoned him to design for her at St Petersburg.
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Detail. Adam, Robert.Rvins of the palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia, 1764.

Detail. Adam, Robert.
Rvins of the palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia, 1764.
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