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Abbreviations of Courts

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CA Court of Appeal
CMAC Court Martial Appeal Court
CRT Complaints Review Tribunal

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DC AK District Court Auckland
DC CHCH District Court Christchurch
DC DN District Court Dunedin
DC HAM District Court Hamilton
DC OAM District Court Oamaru
DC PAP District Court Papakura
DC Taupo District Court Taupo
DC WAIT District Court Waitamata
DC WANG District Court Wanganui
DC WHANG District Court Whangarei
DC WN District Court Wellington

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EC AK Employment Court Auckland
EC CHCH Employment Court Christchurch
EC WN Employment Court Wellington
ET AK Employment Tribunal Auckland
ET CHCH Employment Tribunal Christchurch
ET DN Employment Tribunal Dunedin
ET WN Employment Tribunal Wellington

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FC AK Family Court Auckland
FC BLEN Family Court Blenheim
FC CHCH Family Court Christchurch
FC GREY Family Court Greymouth
FC HAST Family Court Hastings
FC LH Family Court Lower Hutt
FC MART Family Court Marton
FC NAP Family Court Napier
FC NEL Family Court Nelson
FC NP Family Court New Plymouth
FC NS Family Court North Shore
FC OTAH Family Court Otahuhu
FC PAPA Family Court Papakura
FC PN Family Court Palmerston North
FC UH Family Court Upper Hutt
FC WANG Family Court Wanganui
FC WN Family Court Wellington

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HC AK High Court Auckland
HC BLEN High Court Blenheim
HC CHCH High Court Christchurch
HC DN High Court Dunedin
HC GIS High Court Gisborne
HC GREY High Court Greymouth
HC HAM High Court Hamilton
HC INV High Court Invercargill
HC MAST High Court Masterton
HC NAP High Court Napier
HC NEL High Court Nelson
HC NP High Court New Plymouth
HC PN High Court Palmerston North
HC ROT High Court Rotorua
HC TAU High Court Tauranga
HC TIM High Court Timaru
HC WANG High Court Wanganui
HC WHANG High Court Whangarei
HC WN High Court Wellington

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Maori AC Maori Appeal Court
Maori LC Maori Land Court


PC Privy Council

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SC AK Supreme Court Auckland
note: for any other abbreviations with a prefix SC, please see the HC list.


YC PN Youth Court Palmerston North