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History of Medicine Lectures

The Association is proud to present a series of lectures on the History of Medicine each year.

These usually take place on the last Thursday of the month during the academic year.

Check the University of Otago Events Calendar for details of upcoming lectures.


Recordings of past lectures

History of Medicine lectures are recorded and are available in .mp4 video and (sometimes) .mp3 audio format. Details of lectures available for viewing/listening or download are given below.

To download a video or audio file right-click on the link and choose "Save link as... "



The right to refuse: Compulsory vaccination in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during World War 1, 1914–1918 Presented by Lea Doughty, 27 July 2017

View or download the video file (.mp4 1.25 GB)


The vulgar errors of Sir Thomas Browne (1605–1682) Presented by Dr Ross Grimmett, 29 June 2017

View or download the video file (.mp4 1.38 GB)


Microbiologists and clinicians killed in action Presented by Dr Antje van de Linden, 27 October 2016

View or download the video file (.mp4 124 MB)
Listen to or download the audio file (.mp3 80 MB)


The doctor in spite of himself Presented by Dr John Holmes, 29 September 2016

View or download the video file (.mp4 120 MB)
Listen to or download the audio file (.mp3 75 MB)