Archived versions of openCR

Windows binaries and source code for previous versions of the R package openCR.  2552K          2022-09-25
openCR_2.2.5.tgz 3145K
openCR_2.2.5.tar.gz 2169K  2539K          2022-07-02
openCR_2.2.4.tgz 3131K
openCR_2.2.4.tar.gz 2163K 2865K           2022-01-17
openCR_2.2.2.tgz 2942K
openCR_2.2.2.tar.gz 2942K 1868K           2021-11-09
openCR_2.2.1.tgz 1942K 1868K           2021-08-14
openCR_2.1.0.tgz 1942K
openCR_2.1.0.tar.gz 522K 1781K           2021-05-15
openCR_2.0.2.tgz 1744K      
openCR_2.0.2.tar.gz 508K 1651K           2020-12-13
openCR_1.5.0.tar.gz 455K 1476K           2020-09-02
openCR_1.4.4.tgz 1477K      
openCR_1.4.4.tar.gz 272K 1457K           2019-06-30
openCR_1.4.1.tgz 1489K      
openCR_1.4.1.tar.gz 440K 1461K           2019-06-15
openCR_1.4.0.tgz 1492K      
openCR_1.4.0.tar.gz 439K 1454K           2019-03-10
openCR_1.3.5.tgz 1428K          
openCR_1.3.5.tar.gz 468K 1624K           2018-12-09
638K  1623K           2018-11-27
openCR_1.3.0.tar.gz 637K  1553K           2018-05-27
openCR_1.2.0.tgz 1483K          
openCR_1.2.0.tar.gz 757K 1246K           2018-04-12
openCR_1.1.1.tar.gz 576K      

University of Otago DENSITY: software for spatially explicit capture-recapture