R package secrdesign

The R package secrdesign is a sister package to secr that provides tools for assessing and optimising study designs.

  • simulation
  • expected sample size (number of animals, number of recaptures)
  • approximate RSE 
  • optimal detector spacing

secrdesign 2.8.2 is the current version; recent changes are listed here.

Vignettes available from  this website:

secrdesign-vignette.pdf 392K     << overview of simulation capability
secrdesign-tools.pdf 135K          << optimal spacing etc.
secrdesign-Enrm.pdf 105K          << expected sample size      

Interactive interface secrdesignapp 1.5

Many features of secrdesign are also available through an interactive web-based Shiny application via this link:


The source code is available on GitHub, and you may want to run it locally in your own machine. To do this paste the following code into your R session:

runGitHub("secrdesignapp", "MurrayEfford")

Simulations may run faster on your own machine, and the GitHub version is always the latest. 

Last updated: 18 March 2023

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