R package openCR

The R package openCR implements open-population capture-recapture models for data in the secr capthist format.

openCR is available from CRAN - including Windows and Mac binaries. Please direct questions to the DENSITY|secr forum at phidot.org or the Google group secr.    


  • spatial and nonspatial models
  • seamless integration with secr 
  • choice of parameterization, covering most earlier CJS and JS models
  • robust design
  • formulas for model specification 
  • open-source


  • openCR 1.4.1 corrects significant bugs in the movement model of earlier versions
  • users should be R-literate and familiar with capture-recapture
  • see openCR-vignette.pdf for a list of limitations and speed tips.

openCR_1.4.1.zip 1457K       << current Windows binary
openCR_1.4.1.tgz 1489K       << current OS X binary
openCR_1.4.1.tar.gz 440K     << current source package  

Distributed with package                  

openCR-vignette.pdf 210K      << introduction and overview
openCR-manual.pdf 259K       << help pages openCR 1.4.1

Additional vignettes

openCR-examples.pdf 259K   << examples 

Archived versions

Last updated: 02 July 2019

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