Shakespeare, Tom Making a difference: how disability research can change our world PDF


Allan Ross, Tania : Sensory Integration Therapeutic Practices: Informed by Deep Pressure Seeking  PDF

Bell, Martha : Disability Advocacy and Reproductive Choice PDF

Cull, Alexis : The Meaning of Living Well: Perspectives from disabled people regarding physical activity and healthy eating PDF

Cullen, Charlene : EVERYBODY IN the conversation by using your eyes to talk PDF

Cummins, Christine : Translating research into action  PDF

Duff, Gordon : Personalisation & Industry Development: The necessity of building sector capacity to enable choice, voice and control PDF

Galbally, Rhonda : Citizens influencing systemic reform in disability policy in Australia Power Point

Goodall, Emma : The role of attitude in the willingness and effectiveness of teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in the mainstream  Power Point

Green, Patty : Closing the rights gap for children with disabilities PDF

Higgins, Nancy : Growing up kāpo (blind/vision impaired) Māori: Whānau narratives of their encounters with health and education services PDF

Hudson, Judith : Inclusive education: Making the rhetoric a reality in England Power Point

Hunt, Robyn : Making our rights work for us Power Point

Ling, How Kee : Diversity in Disability Studies: A Malaysian perspective PDF

Marlow, Susan : A voyage of grief and beauty:  PDF

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Powell, Denise : Learning and Participation Experiences of Deaf Students within NZ tertiary institutions Power Point

Laragy, Carmel: Individual funding: A good start, but not enough  Power Point

Robson, Ezekiel : FULLPOWER Self-defence for ALL ages and abilities PDF

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Trip, Henrietta : Community living, people with intellectual disability and evolving social models PDF

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