Travis Ingram's Research Group

Ecology and Evolution in New Zealand's Freshwaters

Welcome to our lab group! We study the interplay between evolutionary and ecological processes in shaping biodiversity. Our current research focuses on freshwater fish and lake food webs in New Zealand including Rēkohu/ Chatham Island. Our interests include intraspecific niche variation, life history evolution, phylogenetic comparative methods, and the effects of salinisation and altered connectivity on populations and food webs.

Lab News

Travis is back from four months on Rēkohu/Chatham Island for study leave, plus a huge field season for MSc student Grace Davidson

New publication in Journal of Biogeography led by Scott Jarvie predicting how NZ lizards will respond to forecast climate change

New publication in Viruses comparing virome of migratory and landlocked smelt and bullies

New publication in Ecology and Evolution based on former visiting PhD student Christina Service's work on spirit bear isotopic niches

New publication in Behavioral Ecology based on Nicky Kerr's MSc work on the relationship between fish personality and niche

New publication in Can. J. Fisheries Aquat. Sci. looking at populations of fish across depth gradients in some of New Zealand's deep lakes

We are located at the University of Otago (Te Whare Wānanga o Otāgo), in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. Our home is the Department of Zoology (Te Tari Mātai Kararehe), and our field sites include lakes, streams and wetlands throughout the South Island.