Travis Ingram's Research Group

Ecology and Evolution in New Zealand's Freshwaters

New Zealand is an incredible place to study evolution and ecology: the high degree of isolation and endemicity of the flora and fauna mean you can ask questions here that you can't ask anywhere else. We are fortunate to work as part of a collegial, collaborative, and international group in the Zoology Department (Te Tari Mātai Kararehe) at the University of Otago (Te Whare Wānanga o Otāgo).

I prefer my students to pursue their own research interests, and to take the lead in developing their projects. I will provide advice and meet regularly with you to give support and feedback, but ultimately you will get much more out of the graduate school experience if you follow your own inspiration. While most of my students have worked on freshwater fish, I am open to supervising students working in other systems, and the Zoology Department has staff with a wide range of expertise who can contribute to student supervision as co-supervisors or advisory committee members.

Honours and Postgraduate Diploma Students: If you would like add a one-year postgraduate qualification, I am happy to discuss your options with you. Send an email or drop by my office if you are in Dunedin.

Masters Students: If you are finishing your bachelors degree at Otago or elsewhere in New Zealand, a two year M.Sc. in Zoology or Ecology can give you a taste for research and serve as a step toward a Ph.D. or a wide range or jobs outside academia. Get in touch if you would like to discuss possible Masters projects.

PhD Students: Otago has a large number of exceptional PhD students both from New Zealand and overseas, most of whom are supported by three- year scholarships as well as a departmental research budget. Scholarships are very competitive, and typically require a previous research thesis (Honours or Masters), a strong academic record (equivalent to an A average) and often one or more publications. For more information about applying as an international student, look here and here. Applications are processed year-round, so contact me anytime if you have an idea for a PhD project.  

Postdocs: It is currently a challenge to obtain funding for postdoctoral salaries in New Zealand, so at the moment I can't offer any funded postdoc positions. If you have access to independent funding and would like to develop a project together, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of developing a larger grant proposal that would include postdoctoral funding, please get in touch.

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