Travis Ingram's Research Group

Ecology and Evolution in New Zealand's Freshwaters

Travis Ingram

niche variation, adaptive radiation,

phylogenetic comparative methods,

food web interactions

People in the Lab

Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

Lab Alumni

Mitra Mohammadi Darestani (Ph.D.)

landlocking and life history variation in kōaro

Motia Gulshan Ara (Ph.D.)

morphological and genetic variation in NZ smelts

Grace Davidson (M.Sc.)

(co-supervisor: Marc Schallenberg)

food webs and smelt diet in Chatham Island lakes

Tyler Kleyzen (M.Sc.)

(co-supervisor: Amandine Sabadel)

role of common smelt in estuarine food webs

Amirah Osama (M.Sc.)

(co-supervisor:  Christoph Matthaei)

microplastics in lake food webs

Leonardo Maia Durante (Ph.D.)

(primary supervisor:  Steve Wing)

fisheries and coastal food web structure

Jane Goodman (Ph.D.)

(primary supervisor: Gerry Closs)

management of diadromous galaxias

Rose Holloway (Ph.D.)

(primary supervisor: Gerry Closs)

fish communities in restored wetlands

Marine Richarson (Ph.D.)

individual niche specialisation and biotic interactions

Nicky Kerr (M.Sc.)

relationship between individual variation in resource use and individual behavioural traits

Grace Yee (M.Sc.)

(co-supervised by Priscilla Wehi, Landcare Research)

niche overlap between Polynesian rat kiore and shiprats

Anusha Beer (M.Sc.)

(primary supervisors: Haseeb Randhawa & Robert Poulin)

cophylogeny of skates and parasites

Scott Morrison (M.Sc.)

life history and resource use in galaxiid fishes

Oly Hall (Postgraduate Diploma)

wetland eel population monitoring

Jason Augspurger (Ph.D.)

(primary supervisor: Gerry Closs)

Life histories of diadromous and lake-rearing koaro populations

Pavel Mikheev (Ph.D.)

(primary supervisor: Gerry Closs)

life history and migrations of brown trout

Raul Costa Pereira (visiting PhD student)

community structure and niche variation in frogs

Christina Service (visiting PhD student)

niche variation and salmon use in black and 'spirit' bears

Grégoire Saboret (visiting MSc student)

carryover effects of larval life history and migration

Undergraduate students and RA's

Nick Kelly

Taylor Hamlin

Zuri Burns

Steph Bennington

Lucian Funnell

Alex Connolly

Jolyn Chia

Olivia McPherson

Leonardo Maia Durante

Visiting interns

Amélie Hoste

Victor Bailhache

Audrey Bony

Ludovic Vincent

Jules Travert