Travis Ingram's Research Group

Ecology and Evolution in New Zealand's Freshwaters

Some ongoing work in our group is investigating the genetic, phenotypic, and ecological consequences of life history transitions in New Zealand freshwater fish. PhD student Motia Ara is studying genetic and morphological variation in coastal and landlocked common smelt (Retropinna retropinna), with a focus on populations in shallow lakes on Rēkohu/Chatham Island. Ongoing research is expanding the Rēkohu work to understand the food web structure (MSc student Grace Davidson) and phylogeographic history (PhD student Anusha Beer) of lake species. PhD student Mitra Mohammadi Darestani is working on the genetic and life history consequences of landlocking in kōaro (Galaxias brevipinnis), following up on work done by former PhD student Jason Augspurger (primary supervisor Gerry Closs), and on gene expression plasticity in multiple landlocking fish species.