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Gregynog Press

The Revelation of St. John the Divine

The combination of Blair Hughes-Stanton’s artistry as a wood engraver and Herbert Hodgson’s presswork make this one of the finest books to be produced by the Gregynog Press...

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Kubla Khan, Fancy in Nubibus, and Song from Zapolya

Eragny Press was established in 1894 by the artist Lucien Pissarro...

Whittington Press

Matrix 22

Typographical periodicals have, in the main, been relatively short-lived...


The Phoenix

‘Each year I publish two or three limited editions printed with metal type on fine papers with commissioned illustrations.’...

Rod Cave

Typographia naturalis

The paucity of studies on the history of leaf printing led Rod Cave and Geoffrey Wakeman to produce this limited edition publication of 333 copies under the Brewhouse Press imprint, run by Trevor Hickman and Rigby Graham...

Samuel Johnson

The Vanity of Human Wishes

Samuel Johnson finished writing The Vanity of Human Wishes on 25 November 1748; it was first published 9 January 1749...

Charles Ashbee

An Endeavour Towards the Teaching of John Ruskin and William Morris

‘The Arts and Craft movement began with the object of making useful things, of making them well and of making them beautiful; goodness and beauty were to the leaders of the movement synonymous terms.’ ...

Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales

In 1946 the English writer and artist Robert Gibbings visited the South Pacific...

The Old Stile Press

The Seafarer

The Anglo Saxon poem, The Seafarer, exists only in one manuscript, Exeter Cathedral Library ms. 3501, more commonly known as the Exeter Book...

Robert Herrick

One Hundred and Eleven Poems

Christopher Sandford took over from Robert Gibbings at Golden Cockerel and continued the tradition of publishing books finely illustrated with wood engravings...


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