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William Morris

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

After listening to a lecture on printing by Emery Walker in London on 15 November 1888, William Morris became so enthused that he proclaimed: ‘Let’s make a new fount of type.'...

William Morris

The Tale of King Coustans the Emperor and of Over Sea

Morris’s literary preferences lay in the Middle Ages, and with medieval texts...

Wolfram von Eschenbach

The Romance of Parzival and the Holy Grail

In 1922 Gregynog Press was established by two sisters, Gwendoline and Margaret Davies...

A.R.D. Fairburn

How to Ride a Bicycle in Seventeen Lovely Colours

Robert Coupland Harding, Denis Glover, Leo Bensemann, Ron Holloway, Bob Gormack, Eugene Grayland, Noel Hoggard, Alan Loney, and Tara McLeod are all representatives of New Zealand’s fine printing tradition...

Jonathan Swift

A Letter to a Very Young Lady on her Marriage

During Denis Glover’s 18 year reign at Caxton Press, the literary careers of many New Zealand writers and poets were launched or consolidated...

Tara McLeod

Hot Acrobats Perform Cheese Fog Polka

With butcher paper, a swag of wooden type, and an 1832 Albion flat-bed press, Tara McLeod, owner-operator of The Pear Tree Press, printed 20 copies of Hot Acrobats...

Judith Haswell

Potsherds and Geraniums

More often than not, private press productions are a labour of love...

Bill Manhire


Alan Loney’s perfectionist qualities are summed up by his now classic statement on printing: ‘One chooses either to simply muck about in the shed with an old printing press, or to acquire at considerable labour, cost, and some risk to one’s emotional stability, standards of excellence comparable with the finest anywhere in the world.'...

J. W. Mackail

An Address Delivered the XIth November 1890 at Kelmscott House

Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker, the man who inspired William Morris, formed Doves Press in 1901...

Peter Allen

Travels in the Cévennes

In 1879, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes was published...

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