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Christopher Whitfield

The Village and other Poems

Christopher Whitfield was an English local historian (notably of Chipping Campden) and poet...

Fr. Vincent McNabb

God’s Book and Other Poems

‘…I thought any fool could print. And there were books I wanted to print – books about crafts which machinery threatened with distinction...

Walt Whitman

Selected Poems of Walt Whitman

This large limited edition of poems by the American poet Walt Whitman was designed by Geoffrey Trenaman...

George Moore

Ulick and Soracha

‘The Nonesuch Press remains a stumbling block when it comes to defining the term private press.’ (Cave)...

Nonesuch Press

The Nonesuch Century

The Nonesuch Century is a bibliography of the first 100 books issued by the Nonesuch Press between 1923-1934...



Australia has a distinguished position among the countries in which private presses have flourished...

John Milton


On display is John Milton’s Areopagitica, with its classic bibliophilic message: ‘…but hee who destroyes a good Booke, kills reason it selfe, kills the Image of God, as it were in the eye...

Alan Loney

Rise. Governors Bay Sept/Nov. 2000

The artistry of the Titirangi-based bookmaker Elizabeth Steiner inspired Alan Loney, a New Zealand poet and private press owner, and Claire Van Vliet, an American bookmaker, to construct this book...

Alan Loney

Squeezing the Bones

Back in 1983, the law stated that if someone was publishing a book or periodical, three copies were to be sent to the New Zealand National Library (National Library Act 1965, Section 30A, amended 1994) for ‘legal deposit’...

James Joyce


With a number of blocks, and wooden and metal types at his disposal, Tara McLeod, owner-operator of The Pear Tree Press, Auckland, playfully re-constructed excerpts from James Joyce’s Ulysses...



Tara McLeod

Letterpress Typography

Letterpress Typography is another example of typographic wizardry from McLeod...

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