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Animal Nature

Detail. Baron Georges Cuvier, The animal kingdom, v.1 and 9. London: Printed for George B Whittaker, 1827 and 1831.
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The illustrations of Chief Sewessissing and the rather colourful tortoises are from the ‘Mammalia' and ‘Reptilia' volumes of Baron Cuvier's Animal Kingdom, first published as Le Règne Animal in 1817. The translation offered is more than just that. Edward Griffith also supplied additional descriptions of all the various species covered and made corrections to Cuvier's original work.

These volumes (two of fifteen) were once at Leith Street Lending, but have now been transferred to Special Collections. This is not only because Cuvier's work is important, but also because of the book's fragility. Many 19th century publications were made using bad quality paper and bound in cheaper case bindings. If they are to survive, they require more attention in both storage and conservation treatment. The transfer process is an on-going one.

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