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Chronicles and Observations

Jacob Elsner, Observationes sacrae in Novi Foederis libros. [Utrecht]: Jacobum van Poolsum, 1720-1728.deB Lb/1720/E v.1.
Jacob Elsner, Observationes sacrae in Novi Foederis libros. [Utrecht]: Jacobum van Poolsum, 1720-1728.
deB Lb/1720/E v.1.

Nuremberg Chronicle

The Nuremberg Chronicle was published in both German and Latin in 1493. While produced in Nuremberg, it actually chronicles the most important cities in Germany and other aspects pertaining to social and cultural life in the 1490s. It was enthusiastically received by the people of the day, and reprinted three times within the space of a decade.

Those involved in the publication were neighbours. The compiler Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514) lived at no. 19 Gasse unter der Veste, the patron and publisher Sebald Schreyer lived at no. 9, the printer Anton Koberger lived at no. 3, while artist Michael Wohlgemut, who contributed many of the 652 illustrations in the book (along with his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff), lived at no.21. Albrecht Dürer, Koberger's godson, trained in Wohlgemut's workshop and may have had a hand in producing some of the woodcuts. This facsimile is based on the copies in the Herzogin Anna Amalia Library at Weimar.

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Elsner's Observations

Jacob Elsner (1692-1750) was a theological teacher well-known for his commentaries on the Bible. This vellum backed edition of Jacob Elsner's Observationes was once owned by Dr Arnold Ehrhardt, a lecturer of Ecclesiastical History at Manchester University (as a student he was known to have taken his notes in Latin). It was donated (along with other books) to Special Collections by his son Dr Christopher Ehrhardt, late Associate Professor in Classics at the University of Otago. Note the two colour printing on the title-page.

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