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Travel awards at the Kidney in Health and Disease Research Network


  • Kate Thomas, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annual Scientific Congress, Singapore
  • Thomas, K.N., Cotter, J.D., Williams, M.J.A., van Rij, A.M. Diagnosis, incidence and clinical implications of myocardial injury in vascular surgery.
  • Thomas, K.N., Cotter, J.D., Williams, M.J.A., van Rij, A.M. Enhancing remote ischaemic preconditioning for protection in vascular surgery.
  • Genevieve Wilson, Experimental Biology, San Diego, USA
  • Wilson, G.A., Hoye, N A., Wilson, L.C., Shoemaker, J.K., Schollum, J.B., Jardine, D.L., Walker, R.J., Wilkins, G.T., Baldi, J.C. Effect of renal ablation on blood pressure and muscle sympathetic nerve activity in chronic kidney disease patients
  • Peebles, K.C., Baldi, J.C., Hoye, N.A., Murray, A.J., Sheat, C., Williams, M.J.A., Wilson, G.A., Wilson, L.C. Heart rate variability indices are poor predictors of exercise capacity in healthy type 1 diabetics.
  • Luke Wilson, Experimental Biology, San Diego, USA
  • Wilson, L.C., Coffey, S., Hoye, N.A., Murray, A.J., Lamberts, R.R., Williams, M.J.A., Wilkins, G.T., Baldi, J.C. Impaired cardiac parasympathetic control in healthy young people with type 1 diabetes.



  • Priyakshi Kalita, American Society of Nephrology, Atlanta, USA
  • Kalita P, Bahn A, Bedford J, Leader J, Walker R. (2013) Long-term amiloride therapy partially normalises chronic lithium-induced nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI) in a rat model. American Society of Nephrology, Atlanta, USA



  • Metaneeya (May) Pilanthananond, 14th Annual Australian and New Zealand Zebrafish Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand
  • M. Pilanthananond, C. Stayner, J. Horsfield, M. Eccles (2012) Pathogenicity studies of a ciliopathy gene, mks3, in zebrafishembryos
  • Azrina Md Ralib, Australia and New Zealand Society of Nephrology, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Md Ralib, A., Pickering, J.W., Shaw, G., Than, M., Endre, Z.H. (2012) Transient acute kidney injury (AKI) is common following significant renal hypoperfusion



  • Matthew Graham, European College of Sport Science Congress, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Graham, M. J., Francois, M. E., Parr, E.B., Stavrianeas, S., Lucas, S.J.E., Cotter, J.D (2011) Blood pressure and plasma volume responses during recovery: Effect of exercise intensity and exercise limb
  • Frederiek Vos, American Society of Nephrology, Philadelpha, USA
  • Vos, F.E., Schollum, J.B., Coulter, C.V., Manning , P.J., Duffull, S.B., Walker, R.J. (2011) Assessment of markers of glycemic control in diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease using continuous glucose monitoring
  • Vos, F.E., Schollum, J.B., Coulter, C.V., Doyle, T.C.A., Duffull, S.B., Walker, R.J. (2011) Red blood cell survival in patients on maintenance dialysis
  • Anna Wiles, FASEB Summer Research Conference ‘Polycystic Kidney Disease: From Bench to Bedside’, Saxtons River, Vermont, USA
  • Wiles, A., Lett, B., Stayner, C., Slobbe, L., Markie, D., McEwan, J., Johnstone, A.C., Walker, R.J., Poole, C.A., Eccles, M. (2011) A large animal ciliopathy; genetic characterization of an ovine model of Meckel-Gruber syndrome
  • Poole, C.A., Stayner, C., McGlashan, S.R., Parker, K., Wiles, A., Jennings, M., Jensen, G.,C., Johnstone, A.C., Walker, R.J., Eccles, M. (2011) Primary cilia defects in an ovine model of Meckel-Gruber syndrome
  • Yimmin Yao, 47th Annual Scientific Meeting Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology, Adelaide, Australia
  • Yao, Y., Harrison, J.C., Davis, G., Sammut, I.A. (2011) Chronic bilateral renal denervation reduces the progression of renal disease in a transgenic rat model of diabetic nephropathy.



  • Michael Jennings, FASEB Meeting, Biology of Cilia and Flagella, Saxtons River, Vermont USA, An electron tomographic model of the matrix-cilium-golgi continuum in hyaline chondrocytes (poster)



  • Yi Tian Ting, All European National Societies of Immunology, 13th-16th September, Berlin, Germany, Biochemical charcterisation of soluble HLA-DR: Potential urinary biomarker for renal transplant rejection (poster)
  • Bron Lett, Queenstown Molecular Biology meeting, 3-5th September, Queenstown, New Zealand, Characterization of a large animal model of autosomal polycystic kidney disease (poster)
  • Maryam Nejat, World Congress of Nephrology, 22-26 May, Milan Italy, Urinary Cystatin C as a prognostic biomarker for mortality in intensive care units (ICU) patients. (Poster)
  • Michael Jennings, Microscopy New Zealand Conference, Rotorua, 10-12th February, Tomography of primary cilia in connective tissue cells isolated from an ovine model of ARPKD (poster)