Helpful guides to our approach

In this section you will find a series of guides to support you to use our ‘Building Respect’ approach to creating a positive culture and reducing inappropriate behaviours.

These guides, and the approach they use, have been created by colleagues, based on best practice.

They are intended to help you reflect on your situation, and find the right approach.

You may find they are most helpful to guide discussions with a trusted colleague, friend, manager or other advocate. They will help you to structure your thoughts, consider your options, and find the best way forwards.

Our approach your options

Clear and straightforward processes, developed by colleagues

Quick guides to resolving issues of behaviour

Explore your options if you are experiencing inappropriate behaviour, a witness, manager, or an allegation has been made against you.

Step 1. Creating a positive culture in your team

Practical discussions and tools to build your values-led team culture

Step 2. Reflect

Guides to help you think about what happened, and what to do next

Step 3. Direct feedback

Safely giving and receiving feedback as respectful colleagues

Step 4. Supported resolution

Facilitated approach to reviewing, resolving and moving forward

Step 5. Formal process

Formal approach to resolving complaints about behaviour

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