Who can you turn to for help or advice?

Your manager

Your manager is there to support you to do the best job you can, and to meet your objectives. They encourage a culture of positivity, respect and performance, lead by example and enable regular discussions about values and behaviours. They are there to support you through these processes, help you choose what you want to do, remaining objective and not taking sides.

Manager, Facilitation and Mediation (University of Otago)

The Manager of Facilitation and Mediation’s role is to help staff and students resolve interpersonal difficulties. This includes working with individuals to identify concerns and work through the best options for informal resolution, providing a sounding board for managers / leaders who are supporting staff in conflict, facilitating / mediating discussions with individuals or teams.

The Human Resources Team

Our HR team are always available to hear your concerns and coach you on the options open to you.

Ethical Behaviour Network

This is a diverse network of people from across the campuses who you can speak to confidentially and informally regarding inappropriate behavior or if you feel there has been a breach of the Ethical Behaviour Policy. The network members will listen to your concerns and provide initial guidance on possible next steps and resolution.

Union representative

If you feel you want to better understand all the options open to you before taking action, or if you just want to talk to someone about what’s happening to get your head straight, talk to a union representative

A trusted colleague

Building your positive culture is up to everyone. This approach to creating a values-led culture and to resolving behavioural issues was developed by staff from across 50 organisations. If you are struggling with someone else’s behaviour or an allegation has been made against you of inappropriate behaviour (including bullying), you don't have to be alone – talk to someone you trust to check your perspective and hear theirs.

Occupational Health

Professional colleagues are available to offer you appropriate individual support.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The purpose is to provide short term brief, confidential intervention counselling. Three sessions are available free.

Contact details

For more assistance accessing these materials or if you have any questions, you can get in touch with the people listed below who can advise you on informal / formal procedures, and support you throughout the process.