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Great cities of Italy



Schedel, Hartmann, 1440-1514.
Registrum hujus operis libri cronicarum cu figuris et ijmagibus ab inicio mudi. Fol. CCLXVI recto: Completo in ... Nurembergensi urbe Operi de hystorijs etatum mundi ... felix imponitur finis. Collectum ... auxilio ... hartmani Schedel ... Fol. [CCC] verso: Adest nunc ... finis libri Cronicarum ... opus preclarum ... continet em gesta ... ab initio mudi ad hanc usoe teporis nostri calamitatem. Castigatuoe a virus mathematicis pingendioe arte pertissimis Michaele wolgemut et wilhelmo Pleydenwurff ... Nuremberge, A. Koberger, 1493.
de Beer Gd/1493/S

Pisaimage available


Bertelli, Pietro.
Theatro delle citta d'Italia ... Padova : F. Bertelli, 1629.
de Beer Ib/1629/B

Milanimage available


Torre, Carlo, d. 1679.
Il ritratto di Milano, diviso in tre libri, nel quale vengono descritte tutte le antichita, e modernita, che vedeuansi, e che si vedono nella citta di Milano, si di sontuose fabbriche, quanto di pittura, e di scultura ... Milano, F. Agnelli, 1674.
de Beer Ib/1674/T

Florenceimage available


Migliore, Ferdinando Leopoldo del.
Firenze citta nobilissima illvstrata da Ferdinando Leopoldo del Migliore. Prima, seconda, e terza parte del primo libro. Firenze, Stamp. della Stella, 1684.
de Beer Ib/1684/M



5 Silvestre, Israel, 1621-1691.
Veues d'Italie. A Paris : Chez Israel Henriet …, 1654.
De Beer Fc/1654/V


A true and impartial journal of a voyage to the South-seas and round the globe


Thomas, Pascoe.
A true and impartial journal of a voyage to the South-seas and round the globe, in His Majesty's ship the Centurion, under the command of Commodore George Anson ... by Pascoe Thomas. London : Printed and sold by S. Birt ... , J. Newbery ... , J. Collyer ... , 1745.
Hocken : Bliss KX/Ans/T

Polite traveller and British navigator


Polite traveller and British navigator. Volumes 1-8. London : Printed for John Fielding, [1783?]. vol. 7.
The British navigator : containing an account of voyages round the world: performed by Commodore Byron, begun in the year 1764 and finished in 1766 : by Captain Wallis, begun in 1766, and finished in 1768 : and also that by Captain Carteret, begun at the same time, and finished in 1769 : to which is prefixed, an account of the loss of His Majesty's ship the Centaur, commanded by Captain Inglefield, and of the miraculous escape of the captain and part of his crew. London : Printed for John Fielding ..., [1783?]
de Beer Eb/1783/P

Sydney Parkinson, botanical draughtsman


Parkinson, Sydney, 1745?-1771.
A journal of a voyage to the South Seas, in his Majesty's ship, the Endeavour. Faithfully transcribed from the papers of the late Sydney Parkinson, ... Embellished with views and designs, ... London : printed for Stanfield Parkinson, the editor: and sold by Messrs. Richardson and Urquhart; Evans; Hooper; Murray; Leacroft; and Riley, 1773. First edition.
de Beer Ec/1773/P

William Dampier, buccaneer


Dampier, William, 1652-1715.
A new voyage round the world : describing particularly the Isthmus of America, several coasts and islands in the West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verd, the passage by Terra del Fuego, the South Sea coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, the isle of Guam, one of the Ladrones, Mindanao, and other Philippine and East-India islands near Cambodia, China, Formosa, Luconia, Celebes, &c., New Holland, Sumatra, Nicobar Isles, the Cape of Good Hope, and Santa Hellena : their soil, rivers, harbours, plants, fruits, animals, and inhabitants : their customs, religion, government, trade, &c. by William Dampier. The second edition corrected. London : Printed for James Knapton ... , 1697.
Hocken : Bliss KU/Da v.1-3

A complete collection of voyages and travels


Harris, John, 1667?-1719.
Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca. Or, a complete collection of voyages and travels. : Consisting of above six hundred of the most authentic writers, beginning Hackluit, Purchass, &c. in English; Ramusio, Alamandini, Carreri, &c. in Italian; Thevenot, Benaudot, Labat, &c. in French; De Brye, Grynaeus, Maffeus, &c. in Latin; Herrera, Oviedo, Coreal, &c. in Spanish; and the voyages under the direction of the East-India Company in Holland, in Dutch. Together with such other histories, ... London : printed for T. Woodward, A. Ward, S. Birt, D. Browne, T. Longman, R. Hett, C. Hitch, H. Whitridge, S. Austen, J. Hodges, J. Robinson, B. Dod, T. Harris, J. Hinton, and J. Rivington, 1744-48. Vol.2: printers J. Ward and A. Fuller substituted for A. Ward and T. Harris.
Hocken : Bliss ++ KU7/H v.1,2


Classics graduate and grand tourist


Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719.
Remarks on several parts of Italy, &c. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703. The second edition. London : printed for J. Tonson, 1718.
de Beer Eb/1718/A

Boswell and Brydon


Boswell, James, 1740-1795.
The journal of a tour to Corsica : & memoirs of Pascal Paoli by J.Boswell; ed., with an intro. by S.C. Roberts. Camb. : Camb. U.P., 1923.
109 Leith St : Bliss YG/Bos4/R


Brydone, P. (Patrick), 1743-1818.
A tour through Sicily and Malta. In a series of letters to William Beckford, Esq. of Somerly in Suffolk; from P. Brydone, ... The second edition, corrected. London : printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell, 1774.
de Beer Eb/1774/B

Spiritual guides


Mirabilia urbis Romae nova recognita, & emandata [sic], atq[ue] in verum sensum reducta per Antoninum Pontium virum diligentiss. sicut alias nunquam fuerunt quod cognosces, si haec nostra cum aliis conferes. Vbi haec & alia continentur. [Rome : apud Antonium Bladum Asulanum, 1550]
de Beer Ib/1550/M

A much-reprinted companion


Martinelli, Fioravante, 17th cent.
Roma ricercata nel suo sito & nella scuola di tutti gli antiquarij : e dedicata all' Emmo Sigre il Sig. Cardinal Chigi da Fiorauante Martinelli Romano. Terza impressione. In Roma : Per il Mascardi, 1658.
de Beer Ia/1658/M


16 Martinelli, Fioravante, 17th cent.
Roma ricercata nel suo sito, con tutte le curiosita, che in essa si ritrovano, tanto antiche, come moderne, cioe chiese, monasterij, hospedali, collegij, seminarij, tempij, teatri, anfiteatri, naumachie, cerchi, fori, curie, palazzi, e statue, librarie, musei, pitture, sculture, & I nomi del' artefici del Signor Fioravante Martinelli Romano ; di nuovo corretta, & accresciuta dal Signor Matteo Flentin Lieggese. In Roma : Per Francesco Bizzoni …, a spese di Francesco Leone …, 1687.
de Beer Ib/1687/M

'Grand tour'


Lassels, Richard, 1603?-1668.
The voyage of Italy: or, a compleat journey through Italy. In two parts. With the characters of the people, and the description of the chief towns, churches, monasteries, tombs, libraries, palaces, villa's, gardens, pictures, statues, and antiquities. As also of the interest, government, riches, force, &c. of all the princes. With instructions concerning travel. By Richard Lassels, Gent. who travelled through Italy five times, as tutor to several of the English nobility and gentry. London : printed for R.C. J.R. and A.C. and are to be sold by Charles Shortgrave at the Turks Head, in St. Pauls Church-yard, MDCLXXXVI. [1686]
de Beer Eb/1686/L

Pompei & Mount Vesuvius



Gell, William, Sir, 1777-1836.
Pompeiana: the topography, edifices, and ornaments of Pompeii by Sir William Gell and John P. Gandy. London, Rodwell and Martin, 1817-1819.
Stack DG/70/P7/G971/1817

The influence of Vulcan


Raymond, John, Gent.
An itinerary contayning a voyage, made through Italy, in the yeare 1646, and 1647. Illustrated with divers figures of antiquities. Never before published. By Jo: Raymond, Gent. London : printed for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at his shop at the Princes Armes in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1648.
de Beer Eb/1648/R

The active volcano


Auldjo, John, d. 1857.
Sketches of Vesuvius with short accounts of its principal eruptions : from the commencement of the Christian era to the present time. Naples : George Glass, 1832.
de Beer Ib/1832/A

An early coffee table book


Sauvenirs de Naples. [Naples : s.n., 18--?]
de Beer Eb/1800/S

Philosophy of travel

A personal diary


Wichmanshausen, Giov, fl. 1679.
Reise von Napoli nach Sicilien und Malta 1679 14 Octr.
Ms. handwritten in German, Italian and Latin. Bound in vellum, with flap and tie.
de Beer MS.39

Common phrases for travelling


The gentlemans pocket companion, for travelling into foreign parts: being a most easy, plain and particular description of the roads from London to all the capital cities in Europe. ... With three dialogues in six European languages. ...
[London] : Printed and sold by Tho: Taylor, London, 1722-23. In two parts, the first wholly engraved. 'Three dialogues in six European languages' London: printed for Thomas Taylor, 1723, is in letterpress and has separate titlepage, pagination and register.
de Beer Eb/1722/G

Imaginary dialogues


24 Hurd, Richard, 1720-1808.
Dialogues on the uses of foreign travel : considered as a part of an English gentleman's education : between Lord Shaftesbury and Mr. Locke by the editor of Moral and political dialogues. Dublin : Printed for Peter Wilson, 1764.
De Beer Eb/1764/H

A book for the tourist


Berchtold, Leopold, Graf von, 1759-1809.
An essay to direct and extend the inquiries of patriotic travellers : with further observations on the means of preserving the life, wealth & property of the unexperienced in their journies by land and sea : also a series of questions ... : to which is annexed a list of English and foreign works intended for the instruction and benefit of travellers ... by Count Leopold Berchtold, Knight of the military Order of St. Stephen of Tuscany &c. &c. London : Printed for the author and sold by Mr. Robinson, Mr. Debrett, Mr. Payne, Mr. Jeffery & Mr. Faulder, 1789. 2 v.
de Beer Eb/1789/B v.1


Brice's guide to Paris


Brice, Germain, 1652-1727.
Description de la ville de Paris et de tout ce qu'elle contient de plus remarquable, par Germain Brice. Enrichie d'un nouveau plan & de nouvelles figures dessinees & gravees correctement. 7. ed. Paris, F. Fournier, 1717.
de Beer Fb/1717/B v.1

Wild times in France


Neale, Thomas, 1614-1646?
A treatise of direction, how to travell safely and profitably into forraigne countries : written first in Latin and dedicated unto Mr. William Neale, then being in France : and since translated by the author Thomas Neale of Warneford, in the county of Southampton. London : Printed for Humphrey Robinson, 1643.
de Beer Eb/1643/N

A sentimental journey


Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768.
A sentimental journey through France and Italy. By Mr. Yorick ... London : printed for T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, 1768.
de Beer Eb/1768/S v.2

Travels for the heart


Pratt, Mr. (Samuel Jackson), 1749-1814
Travels for the heart : written in France by Courtney Melmoth [pseud.] London : Printed for John Wallis, 1777.
de Beer Eb/1777/P v.2

Thicknesse's account


Thicknesse, Philip, 1719-1792.
A year's journey through France and part of Spain by Philip Thicknesse, Esq.
The second edition with additions. London : Printed for and sold by W. Brown ... , 1778.
de Beer Eb/1778/T v.1


Sandys' journey


Sandys, George, 1578-1644.
A relation of a iourney begun an: Dom: 1610. : Fovre bookes. : Containing a description of the Turkish Empire, of AEgypt, of the Holy Land, of the remote parts of Italy, and ilands adioyning. The third edition. London. : Printed for Ro: Allot., 1632.
de Beer Ec/1632/S



Miege, Guy, 1644-1718?
A relation of three embassies from His Sacred Majestie Charles II to the great Duke of Muscovie, the King of Sweden, and the King of Denmark. Performed by the Right Hoble the Earle of Carlisle in the years 1663 & 1664. Written by an attendant on the embassies, and published with his Lps approbation. London : Printed for John Starkey at the Miter in Fleet-street near Temple-Barr, 1669.
de Beer Eb/1669/M

A journey into Greece


Wheler, George, Sir, 1650-1723.
A journey into Greece, by George Wheler Esq; in company of Dr Spon of Lyons. In six books. Containing I. A voyage from Venice to Constantinople. II. An account of Constantinople and the adjacent places. III. A voyage through the Lesser Asia. IV. A voyage from Zant through several parts of Greece to Athens. V. An account of Athens. VI. Several journeys from Athens, into Attica, Corinth, Boeotia, &c. With variety of sculptures. London : printed for William Cademan, Robert Kettlewell, and Awnsham Churchill, at the Popes Head in the New-Exchange, the Hand and Scepter in Fleetstreet, and the Black Swan near Amen-Corner, MDCLXXXII. [1682]
de Beer Ec/1682/W

The picturesque

Elegant picturesque views


Boswell, Henry.
Historical descriptions of new and elegant picturesque views of the antiquities of England and Wales: being a grand copper-plate repository of elegance, taste, and entertainment. ... accompanied by elegant letter-press descriptions of the several places delineated: ... To which will be added, ... seats of the nobility and gentry ; ... Published under the inspection of Henry Boswell, ... assisted by Robert Hamilton, L.L.D. and other ingenious gentlemen ... London : printed for Alex. Hogg, [1786]
Shoults Ec/1786/B

Observations of picturesque beauty


Gilpin, William, 1724-1804.
Observations, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty, made in the year 1772, on several parts of England; particularly the mountains, and lakes of Cumberland, and Westmoreland. ... By William Gilpin, M.A. ... London : printed for R. Blamire, 1786.
de Beer Eb/1786/G

A satiric view


Combe, William, 1742-1823.
The tour of Doctor Syntax in search of the picturesque : a poem; with thirty-one coloured illustrations by Thomas Rowlandson. New ed. London : Methuen, 1903.
Notes "...founded on the seventh edition published by R. Ackermann...1817"
Brasch PR/3359/C5/T6/1903


A tour through the northern counties


Warner, Richard, 1763-1857.
A tour through the northern counties of England, and the borders of Scotland. 2 vols. Bath: R. Cruttwell, 1802.
de Beer Eb/1802/W

A family tour through the British Empire


Wakefield, Priscilla, 1751-1832.
A family tour through the British Empire : containing some account of its manufactures, natural and artificial curiosities, history and antiquities :interspersed with biographical anecdotes. Particularly adapted to the amusement and instruction of youth. The Sixth Edition. London : Darton, Harvey, and Darton , 1812.
Hocken : Godward Collection : S002

Cary's Traveller's companion


Cary, John, ca. 1754-1835.
Cary's Traveller's companion; or, a delineation of the turnpike roads of England and Wales; shewing the immediate route to every market and boroughtown throughout the kingdom, laid down from the best authorities, on a new set of county maps. To which is added, an alphabetical list of all the market towns, with the days on which they are held. London, Printed for J. Cary ..., 1806.
de Beer Eb/1806/C

England & Scotland

A picturesque tour of the River Thames


Murray, John Fisher, 1811-1865.
A picturesque tour of the River Thames in its western course : including particular descriptions of Richmond, Windsor, and Hampton Court by John Fisher Murray ; illustrated with upward of one hundred highly-finished wood engravings by Orrin Smith, Branston, Landells, and other eminent artists. London : H.G. Bohn, 1853.
Stack DA/670/T2/MZ36



Beattie, William, 1793-1875.
Caledonia illustrated in a series of views taken expressly for the work, by W. H. Bartlett, T. Allom, and others. The descriptive text by William Beattie, M.D. London : James S. Virtue, n.d. [1838].
109 Leith St : Bliss + MX3/B v.1

Scottish tourist


Rhind, William,
Scottish tourist: being a guide to the picturesque scenery and antiquities of Scotland. 9th ed. Edinburgh [1845]

Ireland & Wales

Superior tastes


Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881.
Reminiscences of my Irish journey in 1849. London : S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1882.
109 Leith St : Bliss MY3/C

Sotheby's musings


Sotheby, William, 1757-1833.
A tour through parts of Wales, Sonnets, odes, and other poems. With engravings from drawings taken on the spot, by J. Smith. By W. Sotheby, Esq. London : printed by J. Smeeton, for R. Blamire, 1794.
de Beer Ec/1794/S

Touring in Ireland


Young, Arthur, 1741-1820.
A tour in Ireland made between the years 1776 and 1779 by Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S.
Published in: Mavor, William Fordyce, 1758-1837.
The British tourists : or, Traveller's pocket companion, through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, comprehending the most celebrated modern tours in the British Islands, and several originals by William Mavor. 6 v. The 3d ed, improved and much enl. London : Printed for Richard Phillips, 1809.
de Beer Eb/1809/M vol. 2

Women travellers

Millenium Hall


Gentleman on his travels, Lady Barbara Montagu and Sarah Scott.
A description of Millenium Hall, and the country adjacent: together with the characters of the inhabitants, and such historical anecdotes and reflections, as may excite in the reader proper sentiments of humanity, ... By a gentleman on his travels. London : printed for J. Newbery, 1762.
de Beer Eb/1762/S

Hester Thrale Piozzi


Piozzi, Hester Lynch, 1741-1821.
Observations and reflections : made in the course of a journey through France, Italy, and Germany by Hester Lynch Piozzi ; in two volumes. London : Printed for A. Strahan and T. Cadell ..., 1789. 1st edition.
de Beer Eb/1789/P

Mary Wortley Montagu


Montagu, Mary Wortley, Lady, 1689-1762.
Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M---y W----y M------e: written, during her travels in Europe, Asia and Africa, to persons of distinction, men of letters, &c. in different parts of Europe. Which contain, ... accounts of the policy and manners of the Turks; ... The third edition. In three volumes. ... London : printed for T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, 1763. With a 'Preface, by a lady' signed: M.A., i.e. Mary Astell.
Shoults Eb/1763/M

Ann Radcliffe


Radcliffe, Ann Ward, 1764-1823.
A journey made in the summer of 1794, through Holland and the western frontier of Germany, with a return down the Rhine : to which are added, observations during a tour to the lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland, and Cumberland by Ann Radcliffe. London : Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson ..., 1795.
de Beer Ec/1795/R


Moryson's itinerary


Moryson, Fynes, 1566-1630.
An itinerary vvritten by Fynes Moryson gent. first in the Latine tongue, and then translated by him into English : London, Printed by J. Beale, 1617.
de Beer Ec/1617/M

Africanus' descriptions


Leo, Africanus, ca. 1492-ca. 1550.
Ioannis Leonis Africani Africae descriptio IX. lib. absoluta. Lugd. Batav. : Apud Elzevir., 1632.
Shoults La/1632/L

An African adventure story


Bruce, James, 1730-1794.
Travels to discover the source of the Nile. Edinburgh : University Press, [1964].
109 Leith St:Bliss + OT3/B

The Holy Land


Roberts, David, 1796-1864.
The Holy Land : Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia after lithographs by Louis Hache from drawings made on the spot by David Roberts, with historical descriptions by George Croly. Day & Son, 1855-56. 6 v.
Stack + DS/107/RM28 v.4

North & South America

A voyage of discovery


Vancouver, George, 1757-1798.
A voyage of discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and round the world : in which the coast of North-west America has been carefully examined and accurately surveyed. Undertaken by His Majesty's command, principally with a view to ascertain the existence of any navigable communication between the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans; and performed in the years 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795, in the Discovery, sloop of war, and armed tender, Chatham, under the command of Captain George Vancouver. New ed., with corrections, illustrated with nineteen views and charts in six volumes. London : Printed for John Stockdale, 1801.
de Beer Eb/1801/V


Volume 2 : Mount Rainier from the South part of Admiralty Inlet


Volume 6 : South America The Town of Valparaiso on the Coast of Chile

A compendium of authentic and entertaining voyages


Smollett, Tobias George [compiler]
A compendium of authentic and entertaining voyages, digested in a chronological series. The whole exhibiting a clear view of the customs, manners, religion, government, commerce, and natural history of most nations in the known world. ... The second edition. London : printed for W. Strahan; J. Rivington; W. Johnston; J. Dodsley; T. Caslon; T. Lowndes; W. Nicoll; Richardson and Urquhart; T. Jefferies; and B. Collins at Salisbury, 1766. 7v.
de Beer Eb/1766/S v.1-7


Volume 1 : Natives of the Carribee Islands feasting on human flesh


Volume 3 : A View of the Whale Fishery

Wanderings in South America


Waterton, Charles, 1782-1865.
Wanderings in South America, the United States, and the Antilles. London, Blackie [1894]
Brasch F/1409/WA27

The Pacific

Frere's travels


Frere, Alice M.
The antipodes and round the world, or, Travels in Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon, China, Japan, and California by Alice M. Frere (Mrs. Godfrey Clerk). London : Hatchards, 1870.
Hocken : Bliss KUV/F

Mutiny on the Bounty


Barrow, John, Sir, 1764-1848.
The eventful history of the mutiny and piratical seizure of H.M.S. Bounty : its cause and consequences illustrated by six etchings from original drawings by Lieut.-Colonel Batty. London : John Murray, 1831.
109 Leith St: Bliss OD/B

Settlement of Australia


Rutter, Owen, 1889-1944.
The first fleet : the record of the foundation of Australia from its conception to the settlement at Sydney Cove. Compiled from the original documents in the Public record office... Golden Cockerel Press, 1937.
Stack Bliss + VT/R


Maps of the poles


Weddell, James, 1787-1834.
A voyage towards the South Pole, performed in the years 1822-'24. Containing ... a visit to Tierra del Fuego, with a particular account of the inhabitants ... By James Weddell ... London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1825.
Hocken : Bliss KWT/Wed

Gentleman's magazine


The Gentleman's magazine.
London, [s.n.]
de Beer Eb/1731/G 1829/1



Smollett, Tobias George [compiler]
A compendium of authentic and entertaining voyages, digested in a chronological series. The whole exhibiting a clear view of the customs, manners, religion, government, commerce, and natural history of most nations in the known world. ... The second edition. London : printed for W. Strahan; J. Rivington; W. Johnston; J. Dodsley; T. Caslon; T. Lowndes; W. Nicoll; Richardson and Urquhart; T. Jefferies; and B. Collins at Salisbury, 1766. 7v.
de Beer Eb/1766/S v.1-7


Volume 5 : Rain-deer Sledges



Wilkes, Charles, 1798-1877.
Narrative of the United States' Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842 by Charles Wilkes. Condensed and abridged [ed.] Papakura, N.Z. : R. McMillan, [19--]
Central : Books DU/21/WN73

Conquest of the North Pole


Peary, Robert E. (Robert Edwin), 1856-1920.
The North Pole by Robert E. Peary ; with an introd. by Theodore Roosevelt. London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1910.
109 Leith St : G/670/1909/PB44

Travel publishers

Travel advertisements


John Murray (Firm)
A handbook for travellers in Syria and Palestine, including an account of the geography, history, antiquities, and inhabitants of these countries, The Peninsula of Sinai, Edom, and the Syrian desert, with detailed descriptions of Jerusalem, Petra, Damascus, and Palmyra [by Josias Leslie Porter] New and rev. ed. London : J. Murray, 1868. 2 v.
Shoults Eb/1868/P part2

Michelin man


Michelin Tyre Company, ltd.
Michelin guide to the British Isles, 1912. 1912 ed. London : Michelin Tyre Co., 1912.
Stack DA/630/ML475/1912

Markino's Rome


Potter, Olave M. (Olave Muriel)
The colour of Rome : historic, personal & local with illustrations by Yoshio Markino, an introduction by Douglas Sladen, and an essay by the artist. London : Chatto & Windus, 1909.
Stack DG/806/PV32

Pressed flowers


John Murray (Firm)
Handbook to the Mediterranean : its cities, coasts, and islands, for the use of general travellers and yachtsmen by R.L. Playfair. 2nd ed., rev. London : J. Murray, 1882. 2 v. in 1.
Stack D/973/JM8/1882



Ercoli, Olivia.
Rome [main contributors, Olivia Ercoli, Ros Belford, Robert Mitchell]. 1st American ed. London ; New York : Boston : Dorling Kindersley ; Distributed by Houghton Mifflin Co., 1993.
Stack DG/806.8/EM9

Twentieth-century travel writings

Hotel Honolulu


Theroux, Paul.
Hotel Honolulu. Boston [Mass.] : Houghton Mifflin, 2001.
Central : Books PS/3570/H4/H68

Dunedin Poem


Bayfield Jaycee, Dunedin.
The Otago Peninsula : a visitor's guide. [Dunedin : Bayfield Jaycee, Dunedin, 1969]
Brasch : Pamphlets B4.12

Sydney Opera House


The Sydney Opera House. Photographs by Ross Westcott, introduction by Pat Westcott. Sydney : Ure Smith, 1965
Brasch : Pamphlets B1.3



India : Hints for travellers, Specimen tours, Places of interest, Etc. Season 1936-37. London : Thos. Cook & Son, Ltd.
Brasch: Pamphlets B3.5

Pictorial material

Webber, John, 1751-93.
narta or sledge for burdens in Kamtchatka. J. Webber fecit, London Pub.d July 1 1789 by J. Webber No 312 Oxford Street. Soft ground etching, hand coloured on paper.
Given by Mrs Stevenson, Wakefield, ?1960. Hocken Library.

Artist unknown
Mutiny of the Bounty. n.d. wood engraving
Given by Mr G. H. Smith. Hocken Library.West, Benjamin, 1732-1820 2. Smith, J. R.
Sir Joseph Banks Bt. President, F.A.S. Trust. Painted by Benjamin West, Engraved by J.R. Smith. n.d.
Dr T.M. Hocken's Collection. Hocken Library.
Le Breton, Louis, 1818-66.
Astrolabe faisant de l'eau sur un glacon 6 fevrier 1838 (Parages Antarctiques) Dessine par L. Le Breton. Lith.e par E. de Laplante. Lith de Thierry freres Paris. Gide Editeur. Voyage au Pole Sud et dans l'Oceanie. Atlas pittoresque. pl 22 [1846]
Lithograph on india paper on paper.
Godward Bequest, 1992. Hocken Library.
Moll, Herman, d. 1732.
A new and correct map of the world laid down according to the newest discoveries, and from the most exact observations by Herman Moll, geographer. Scale varies. [London] : Printed for ... I. Bowles ..., [1729?]
de Beer Ee/1729/M
Magnum mare del zur cum Insula California (Enlarged South Sea with the Island of California) by Frederick de Wit originally issued in Amsterdam 1680.
Alan Lowe Collection. Hocken Library
Hondius, Hendricus and Hansson, Johannes
Polus Antarcticus 1657. This atlas went through 35 folio editions between 1638 and 1681.
Alan Lowe Collection. Hocken Library.
Piranesi, Giovanni Battista, 1720-78
Veduta di Piazza di Spagna, 1750. From the series Vedute di Roma. Piazza di Spagna, Fontana detta la Barcaccia and Spanish steps.
Charles Brasch estate. Special Collections, Central Library.
Photographer unknown.
Venice. View of Doge's Palace from the Grand Canal. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Alinari and Cook, Roma
Florence. Panorama della citta visto dal Piazzale Michelangelo. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Sommer, Giorgio
Sorrento. Casa di Tasso, Sorrento. Largo Vittoria, Napoli. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Sommer, Giorgio
Pompei. Casa di Marco Olconio. Largo Vittoria, Napoli. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Photographer unknown.
Paris. View of the Louvre. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Photographer unknown.
Paris. Waterfall, Bois de Boulogne. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Photographer unknown.
Paris. Notre Dame. n.d.
Special Collections, Central Library.
Hester Lynch Piozzi, by an unknown Italian artist, ca. 1785. National Portrait Gallery. In: The Piozzi letters … University of Delaware Press, c1989-<96
Central : Books PR/3619/P5/Z5/A4/1989 v.1
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, from an original miniature. In: The letters and works ... London : Bell, 1887. Central : Books DA/501/M7/A4/1887 v.1

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