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The vitrines are situated in the Charles Brasch Court and provide a lively an accompanyment to the treasures displayed in the de Beer exhibition gallery.

Why do we travel?

We have all seen travel shows promoting exotic holiday destinations. The hot beaches and hot bodies advertised provide tantalizing encouragement to flee the ravages of Dunedin's winter! A change of scene and a literal escape from the bonds of everyday existence present us with an opportunity to re-create our selves, and to relax both body and mind.

Yet other reasons for travel are more cerebral. We travel to see fine paintings, to hear wonderful music, to enjoy exotic foods. We travel to visit historically important sites. The appreciation of wildlife and the natural wonders of the world induce us to leave our comfort zone to experience them while they still exist. Visiting foreign lands enables us to learn about the lives of those in societies that differ to our own, and then, there is always the shopping …

Moon travel

Space … the final frontier. What could be more appealing to the travel afficionado than the idea of a lunar holiday? Imagine bringing home moon rocks and holiday snaps taken beside the Sea of Tranquillity! The intrepid and the mega rich need only apply.

According to a fictional travel guide by Carl Koppeschaar for Moon Publications entitled Moon Handbook: A 21st-Century Travel Guide, by 2020 space travel will be an option for your O.E. All that remains is to lie back in your sexy silver space suit, sip a fruit juice and enjoy the eight day flight. Just be prepared for the fact that the Texans, ZZ Top, are booked to be the first band to play on the space shuttle.


Reasons for travelling

Why do we travel?  
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