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  • PhD (Philosophy), Otago (2007)
  • PhD (Biblical Studies) Otago (1995)
  • SSL Pontifical Biblical Institute (1988)
  • P.G.DipTheol (hons 1) Otago (1985)
  • BTheol Otago (1983)
  • office: 2N11, second floor, north wing, Burns Building, 95 Albany Street
  • phone: +64 (0)3 479 5232
  • email:


Greg gained his first graduate degree at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (1988) before returning to New Zealand, where he completed PhD degrees in both Biblical Studies (1995) and Philosophy (2007).

He taught for some years in Theology and Religion, as well as in Philosophy. In 2010 he obtained a joint appointment, working across the two Departments.

Greg teaches Phil 229/329 (Philosophy of Religion), as well as Rels 217/317 (Religion, Science, and Magic) and Rels 225/325 (Science, Religion, and Knowledge).

His research focuses on the interaction between scientific modes of thought and those characteristic of religion. This has given rise to two books, one on the historical Jesus debate and another on the possibility of theistic explanations (explanations that appeal to a divine agent).

Greg has a new book, just published, entitled Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science. This offers a new defence of the 'warfare thesis', arguing that religious and scientific communities exhibit very different attitudes to knowledge, so that conflicts between the two are practically inevitable.