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Postgraduate seminar (2018)

The postgraduate seminar is for postgraduate students in philosophy and related academic areas to present their research for discussion in a friendly and supportive environment. Staff and postgraduates with an interest in philosophy are welcome to attend.

Seminars take place on Fridays in the departmental seminar room (117 Union Street East), from 3:00-4:00.

(Note: in addition to the postgraduate seminar, postgraduate students also attend the main departmental seminar series.)

09 Mar Kourken Michaelian Building professional relationships
16 Mar Chris Lernpass Debunking, Defeat and Dogmatism
23 Mar Charles Pigden Does Kant Commit a Quantifier-Shift Fallacy? A Reconstruction of the Central Argument in the Grundlegung
30 Mar No workshop (Good Friday)
06 Apr No workshop (mid-semester break)
13 Apr Adam Carter Making People Happy or Making Happy People?
20 Apr Briony Blackmore Transparency in Criminal Justice Algorithms
27 Apr Ben Whitcombe The AI Boxing Problem
04 May Zachary Swindlehurst Doxastic Realism and the Normativity of Belief: A New Error Theory?
11 May Chloe Wall What are the Functions of Collective Memory?
18 May André Sant'Anna Representationalism and the Relational Particularity of Perception
25 May Joseph Burke In Defense of Human Germline Gene Editing
01 Jun Finn Butler To Where Can Sceptical Arguments Lead?
winter break
13 Jul Chris Lernpass How Not to Respond to Evolutionary Debunking Arguments
20 Jul Briar Topp Trash Trade Awakening: Repercussions of China's Ban on Trash lmports and an Analysis of the Global Circular Economy
27 Jul Andrew Rutherford The 'Further Fact' View About Personal Identity
03 Aug Charles Pigden Conspiracy Theories, Deplorables and Defectibility: a Reply to Patrick Stokes
10 Aug Joseph Burke Subjects of Well-Being
17 Aug Adam Carter The Tragedy that is Every Life
24 Aug Anthony Gambrell TBA
31 Aug No workshop (mid-semester break)
07 Sep Zachary Swindlehurst TBA
14 Sep Chloe Wall TBA
21 Sep Finn Butler TBA
28 Sep Briony Blackmore TBA
05 Oct Charles Gibson TBA
12 Oct João Carvahlo TBA