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The Dan and Gwen Taylor Lectures

In addition to funding the Dan and Gwen Taylor Fellowships, the Taylor Trust enables us to bring visitors to the department to deliver the annual Dan and Gwen Taylor Lectures.

For more on the Taylors' contributions to philosophy at Otago, see the history of the department.

Dan and Gwen Taylor Lecturers

  • 2018: Gillian Russell (UNC)
  • 2017: Julia Driver (Washington University St. Louis)
  • 2016: Sally Haslanger (MIT)
  • 2015: Jeremy Waldron (NYU)
  • 2014: Philip Pettit (Princeton, ANU)
  • 2013: Brian Leiter (Chicago)
  • 2012: Derek Matravers (Open University)
  • 2011: Tim Mulgan (St Andrews)
  • 2010: Annette Baier (Otago, Pittsburgh)

Recordings of selected Dan and Gwen Taylor lectures are available on the Division of Humanities podcasts page.