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  • DPhil Oxford (1991)
  • MA Canterbury (1986)
  • office: 2C13, second floor, central corridor, Burns Building, 95 Albany Street
  • phone: +64 (0)3 479 8729
  • email:


My research and teaching is in ethics, and in related issues in practical ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of mind, and public philosophy. Most centrally, my professional efforts go into trying to work out the best answer to the questions: ‘What is it for a life to be good for the one who lives it?’ and: 'What does it take for an action to be right or wrong?'. For as long as I can remember, I've been keen to answer big questions such as these. When I stumbled into philosophy, it seemed to me to be the best way to nut out answers to such questions. I started my formal studies in philosophy at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch where I grew up. This then took me on a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, and those studies in turn got me a job in 1991 in Philosophy at the University of Otago.