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Seminar series (2016)

Seminars will take place on Wednesdays in Richardson GS2, from 11:00-12:30.

(Note: in addition to the departmental seminar series, there is a regular postgraduate seminar series.)

24 Feb Francois Schroeter (Melbourne), Laura Schroeter (Melbourne) The Generalized Integration Challenge in Metaethics
02 Mar Zach Weber (Otago) Observations on the trivial world
09 Mar Charles Pigden (Otago) Are conspiracy theorists intellectually vicious?
16 Mar Hannah Clark-Younger (Otago) The Logic of Commanding and Permitting
23 Mar postgrad conference
mid-semester break
6 Apr Michael LeBuffe (Otago) Spinoza, Michael Della Rocca, and the Question of Idealism
13 Apr Greg Dawes (Otago) What's wrong with the philosophy of religion?
20 Apr Holly Lawford-Smith (Sheffield) Are citizens culpable for what their states do?
27 Apr Neil Levy (Oxford) Am I racist?
04 May Joseph Ulatowski (Waikato) The Pragmatic Conception of Truth and Practical Considerations
11 May David Fielding (Otago -- Economics) Traditions of Tolerance
18 May Grant Gillett (Otago -- Bioethics) Embodied cognition, Propositions and the human mind/brain
25 May James Maclaurin (Otago) Human obsolescence: Why strong AI is not the problem
01 Jun Kourken Michaelian (Otago) Collective mental time travel: Ontology and epistemology
winter break
13 Jul Lisa Ellis (Otago) The collective ethics of flying
20 Jul Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore) From Moral Twin Earth to Pleasure in Eden
27 Jul Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (North Carolina Chapel Hill) On A Theory of a Better Morality and A Better Theory of Morality
03 Aug postgrad conference
10 Aug Simon Wigley (Bilkent University) Fairness, blame, and punishment
17 Aug Stephen Yablo (MIT) Proportionality
24 Aug Penelope Mackie (Nottingham) Perception, Mind-independence, and Berkeley
mid-semester break
07 Sep Robert L. Frazier (Oxford) Intuition, models, and morality
14 Sep Emily Parke (Auckland) Treasured Exceptions: Surprise and its Role in Science
21 Sep Andrew Moore (Otago) Objectivism about animal well-being
28 Sep Oron Shagrir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) The brain as a model of the world
05 Oct Eirik Lang Harris (City University of Hong Kong) Shen Dao and the Development of Chinese Political Philosophy
12 Oct Alex Miller (Otago) Ginsborg on Meaning and Understanding

For archives of past seminars, click here.