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Programme seminar series (2017)

Seminars will take place on Wednesdays in Richardson GS2, from 11:00-12:30.

(Note: in addition to the programme seminar series, there is a regular postgraduate seminar series.)

01 Mar Jeremy Pitt (Imperial College, London) Justice, Paradox & Values: Artificial Intelligence & Philosophy
08 Mar Brett Calcott (Sydney) What kind of program is a genetic program?
15 Mar Shaun Nichols (Arizona) Rational Meta-ethics
22 Mar postgrad conference
29 Mar Stephanie Collins (Manchester) Filling duty gaps
05 Apr Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch) Are there global collective duties?
12 Apr Jon Keyzer (Otago) Disagreement and the Normativity of Meaning
mid-semester break
26 Apr Zach Weber (Otago) Ordinary paradox
03 May Andrew Moore (Otago) The self-supervenience of well-being
10 May Ole Doering (Freie Universität Berlin) Confucius and Kant on Ethics
17 May Greg Dawes (Otago) The Development of Medieval Empiricism
24 May Tuomas Tahko (Helsinki) Biochemical Realization. Or: Where do you get your protein?
31 May Manuel Lechthaler (Otago) Substitution Failures in Plural Logic
winter break
12 Jul Michael LeBuffe (Otago) Descartes' Wax Example
19 Jul Colleen Murphy (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) Transitional justice
26 Jul Jacob Levy (McGill) Political realism and moral microfoundations
02 Aug postgrad conference
09 Aug Stephen Gardiner (Washington) Ethics and Intergenerational Extortion: On “Making the Grandchildren Pay” for Climate Action
16 Aug Charles Pigden (Otago) Reason the slave of the passions: what Hume meant, whether he was right, why it matters
23 Aug Kourken Michaelian (Otago) How generative can you get? Reconstruction and autonoesis in episodic memory knowledge
mid-semester break
06 Sep James Maclaurin (Otago) Discrimination, prejudice, and artificial intelligence
13 Sep Tiddy Smith (Otago) Alston and the Problem of Religious Diversity
20 Sep Greg Currie (York, UK) Learning from the imagination
27 Sep Lisa Ellis (Otago) The conceptual challenge of biodiversity loss for democratic theory
04 Oct Cheryl Cottine (Oberlin) Built on Roles? Contemporary Ethics and A Confucian Example
11 Oct Alex Miller Rule-Following, Meaning and Primitive Normativity

For archives of past seminars, click here.