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Programme seminar series (2019)

Seminars took place on Wednesdays in Richardson GS2, from 11:00-12:30.

(Note: in addition to the departmental seminar series, there is a regular postgraduate seminar series.)

1 March Adina Roskies (Dartmouth). Please note Friday session, with a start of 3.30pm (same room) Neurointerventions and Agency
06 Mar Andrew Mason (Warwick) The Ethics of Appearance Discrimination
13 Mar Martin Lin (Rutgers) Spinoza's Faith
20 Mar no speaker (postgraduate conference)
27 Mar Jacqui Broad (Monash) Ralph Cudworth (1617–88) on the Self and Free Will
03 Apr Charles Pigden (Otago) Freedom, Reason and a Quantifier-Shift Fallacy: Kant’s Attempt to Fend Off the Error Theory in the Groundwork
10 Apr Greg Dawes (Otago) The Autonomy of Science: Historical Reflections
17 Apr Zach Weber (Otago) On Richard Routley’s "Ultralogic as Universal?" Program, 40 years Later
24 Apr no speaker (mid-semester break; ANZAC day)
01 May Mike LeBuffe (Otago) Spinoza: Citizen and State
08 May Grant Gillett (Otago Bioethics) Models of the Mind: Getting Over Post-industrial Models
15 May Heather Dyke (Otago) Explaining Manifest Time: What Language Can't Tell Us About Time
22 May Jessie Bering (Otago, Sci Comm) Adaptation or pathology? A look at contemporary evolutionary accounts of human suicide
29 May Karen Green (Melbourne) Did Tarski Refute Frege?
winter break
10 Jul Hannah Ginsborg (Berkeley) Taylor Fellow: Wittgenstein on Going On
17 Jul Fabien Medvecky (Otago, Sci Comm) Science, communication and epistemic paternalism
24 Jul Malcolm Forster (Fudan; UW Madison) How Predictive Brains Distinguish Appearance from Reality
31 Jul no speaker (postgraduate conference)  
07 Aug Kirsten Walsh (Exeter) Newton’s Metaphysics in Practice
14 Aug Adrian Currie (Exeter) Peculiarity and Narrative in History
21 Aug Tim Dare (Auckland) Big Data, Transparency, and Explainability
28 Aug no speaker (mid-semester break)
04 Sep Glen Pettigrove (Glasgow) Ambition, Love, and Happiness
11 Sep James Maclaurin (Otago) Why Work?
18 Sep Lisa Ellis (Otago) Sectoral responsibility for climate justice: How much of the global carbon budget should we spend on international air travel?
25 Sep Alex Miller (Otago) Ecumenical Expressivism and the Frege-Geach Problem
02 Oct Cei Maslen (Victoria, U of Wellington) More of a Cause
09 Oct Anthony Gambrell (Otago) Locke's Sovereign

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