Reflection coaching model

If you have had an allegation of bullying made against you, you may want to reflect on your behaviour, its impact and feelings

Our behaviours impact each other all the time.

Whether you are experiencing it, have witnessed it or have had an allegation of inappropriate behaviour made against you, it can be helpful to review the interaction to get a better understanding of what happened.

It may be that the behaviour wasn’t intended to offend, but it did. Different people are allowed to react in different ways.

It could be that on reviewing the behaviour you still feel the same way, but rather than get entrenched in an unhelpful discussion about who is right and wrong you could think about how a different behaviour might get a different result or reaction. How we behave is a choice.

You might be on the receiving end of behaviour you don’t like, but it may still help to reflect on the interaction and how you feel about it.

Use the ‘we get what we give’ coaching model to review what happened, to see things from the other person’s point of view and be responsible for your choices about your own behaviour.

Download a PDF of the full reflection coaching guide, with space for you to make notes

Reflection coaching guide
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