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Programme seminar series (2021)

Seminars take place on Wednesdays in Richardson Ground S2 from 11:00-12:30. Please note that this location may change, but this is noted on posters, in emails and on this webpage.

(Note: in addition to the programme seminar series, there is a regular postgraduate seminar series.)

03 Mar no speaker (Charles's talk postponed to 10 March)  
10 Mar Charles Pigden (Otago) Updating My Solution to Prior's Dilemma
17 Mar Heather Dyke (Otago) and Tiddy Smith (Indonesia/Otago) Memory and Epistemic Circularity
24 Mar no speaker: postgraduate conference  
31 Mar Elisabeth Ellis (Otago) How Carbon Taxation Can Facilitate Just Interaction in a Non-Ideal World: the Case of International Aviation Fuel
07 Apr no seminar (mid-semester break)  
14 Apr Andrew Moore (Otago) New challenges for rule consequentialism
21 Apr Zach Weber (Otago) Pluralism and Paraconsistent Arithmetic
28 April Jeremy Wyatt (Waikato) How to Canberra-plan disagreement
05 May Caitlin Fitchett (Otago/Harvard) The Scope of Practical Deliberation
12 May Neil Pickering (Otago) Harmful choices and health-care decision-making competence
19 May Michael LeBuffe (Otago) The Identity of Indiscernibles, and Human Nature in Spinoza's Ethics
26 May Greg Dawes (Otago) Decolonizing Philosophy: Differing Forms of Knowledge
2 Jun Vanessa Schouten (Massey) A New Value Pluralism for Sexual Ethics
winter break
14 Jul Heather Dyke (Otago) Explaining Temporal Experience in a B-theoretic World
21 Jul Grant Gillett (Bioethics Centre, Otago) The ABC of action: a neuro-philosophical analysis
28 Jul Patrick Dawson (University of Sydney) Reconciling relativity with a privileged present
04 Aug Sean McConnell (Classics, Otago) Cicero and the moral importance of offense
11 Aug no speaker: postgraduate conference  
18 Aug Tiddy Smith (Massey) (cancelled) Neanderthals, Denisovans, Ghosts, and God
25 Aug Tiddy Smith (Massey) Neanderthals, Denisovans, Ghosts, and God
01 Sep no seminar (mid-semester break)  
08 Sep James Maclaurin (Otago) What can’t AI do?
15 Sep Elizabeth Fenton (Bioethics Centre, Otago) Reciprocity and Resources
22 Sep none
29 Sep none
6 Oct Fabien Medvecky (Centre for Science Communication, Otago) In praise of ignorance
13 Oct Alex Miller (Otago) Wittgenstein, Blind Rule-Following, and the Possibility of Meaning

For archives of past seminars, click here.