Pisa AWS

Pisa weather station

Pisa weather station data

This data is provided for information purposes only. Data displayed on this page has not been subject to quality assurance.

Plots are interactive, hover the mouse cursor to query data points, click and drag to zoom in to a narrower time period.

Temperature (°C):
Snow depth (m):
Rainfall (mm):
Rainfall today (mm):
24-hour rainfall (mm):
Wind speed (m/s):
Wind direction (°):
Battery (V):
Geonor (mm):

Pisa weather station webcam

webcam image showing current conditions in the Pisa Range

The camera has a view south-west from the AWS across the middle section of the Leopold Tributary Study Basin. It should update every 30 minutes between 6 am and 7 pm. Keep an eye on changing conditions with an interactive timelapse of recent images.