3D-CD in Whakaari/White Island

The Matariki project processes data and provides user-friendly means to visualize and interpret 3D-Change detection. A lidar dataset capture on 02 March 2011 (NZAM) is compared with a photogrammetric reanalysis of aerial photos capture on 17 February 2008 (NZAM) to reveal patterns and magnitude of surface elevation change across the island. The project also demonstrate the step change in bathymetric mapping derived from multibeam echosounding capture in 2018, compared to previous bathymetry derived mostly from singlebeam. A vessel-mounted laser scanner (VLS) survey obtained during the 2018 bathymetric survey also captured the island coastline. A change detection between the 2018 VLS and lidar survey further exemplify how to connect successfully the land and the sea in surveying science.

These 3D reality capture datasets and change detectino products can be visualised interactively in https://tinyurl.com/whakaari

Matariki 3D-CD Web App

Pan, zoom, rotate, and drag the slider to see the different layers in 3D.