David Eggleton – 1990

Empty Orchestra

David Eggleton is a prolific writer, critic and poet, who continues to write for magazines and journals, pen major works like Into the Light: A History of New Zealand Photography (2006), and keep his poetry alive by enacting it out – aloud. He was just as prolific when he was the Burns Fellow for 1990. He worked on the CD Poetry Demon, wrote poems that formed Empty Orchestra (1995), and wrote numerous essays, articles, and book reviews. Here he peers out amongst the cassette, his 'Meditation on Colin McCahon' and Empty Orchestra.

David Eggleton, Empty Orchestra. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1995. General PR 9641 E51 E6; ___, Poetry Demon. Auckland: Festival Records, 1993; ___, 'Meditation on Colin McCahon.' Holograph. 1978; [___], Versifier by Versifier. Yelloweye, 2003. Private Collection.


Poetry Cassette Tape

Meditation on Colin McCahon


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