Paddy Richardson – 1997

Company of a Daughter & If we were Lebanese

'Try to be objective when you read over your work. Ask yourself if you were a reader would you be tempted to read on.' No doubt this sagely advice, found in Paddy Richardson's 'Truly Authentic', a short story from her collection If We were Lebanese, hovered close by as she herself wrote her own short stories. In 1997, during her Burns year, Richardson completed the collection (it was published in 2003), and started a novel, The Company of a Daughter, a saga of five generations of New Zealand women. The latter was published in 2000.

Paddy Richardson, If We were Lebanese. Wellington: Steele Roberts, 2003. General PR 9641 R473 I4; ___, The Company of a Daughter. Wellington: Steele Roberts, 2000. General PR 9641 R473 I4


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