Sam Hunt – 1976

Drunkards Garden

Poet and raconteur Sam Hunt called his 'mini-Burns' of 1976, 'ten weeks of halcyon life.' He, partner Kristin, and his dog Minstrel, spent much time at Alan and Patricia Roddick's crib at Otakou. It was a creative period, with many poems written and collected into his Drunkard's Garden (1977), of which the deluxe hardback of 4,000 copies quickly sold out. Hunt thought the ten week residency (the first given) was 'if you excuse the metaphor, coitus interruptus: a man gets into full action when he has to, well, withdraw to the north! Hohum.' For one moment he thought about applying for the 1977 Fellowship, which he termed 'the full box of groceries', but nothing eventuated. 'Two Winter Settings' is from his Drunkard's Garden.

Sam Hunt, Drunkard's Garden. Wellington: Hampson Hunt, 1977. Bill Robertson Library 821 NZ HUN; 'Two Winter Settings.' Typescript. 1976. Private Collection.


Two Winter - Transcript

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